The theme of this beautiful video is the using of huge floor standing and table lamps in the modern and contemporary home design. We’ve gathered here an amazing image collection in full HD of home interiors featuring gorgeous light fixtures.

Like this Scandinavian apartment with beautiful floor standing lamp. Huge and gorgeous table lamp with white shade and ceramic body. Luxurious living room with two side table lamps. Gorgeous bedroom with beautiful rustic canopy bed and two beautiful table maps with white shades and porcelain body.

Superb living room design with big table lamps. Beautiful living room with beautiful table lamps. Magnificent living room in blue color palette with gorgeous table lamp with blue body and cream color shade.

Gorgeous table lamp with solid black shade and golden body in an amphora shape. Simple and beautiful living room design with two beautiful table lamps. Gorgeous floor standing lamp with brown drum shade.

Stylish table lamp. Unique living room design with elegant table lamps. Superb bedroom decor – superb table lamps. Living room design with table lamps with a vintage look. Modern living room with beautiful table lamps with blue shade and a slim body.

Cottage bedroom with gorgeous light fixture. Modern and elegant light fixtures. Cozy living room with traditional look and gorgeous table lamp. Beautiful table lamps with ceramic body and solid white shades.

Stylish table lamps with silver body and white drum shades. Absolutely beautiful huge table lamps. Superb living room design with stylish white table lamps. Many more ideas in this interesting video. Thank you so much for watching.