I’m Brett Hiltbrand in with Cornerstone Tiny Homes, this is the Abbott, this is our 27 foot model, 30 foot with the back porch. Let me show you some features! This house is a combination of everyone has been asking for over the last few years We’ve got downstairs bedroom in this house, we’ve got a larger shower in this house Basically a full kitchen you can have it all on a tiny house but we’ll start off in the living room here Nice little couch area! This is our custom built TV cabinet, where you hide away your TV Then onto the kitchen, we’ve got custom granite top White carpentry with crown molding.

A really cool feature over the stove cook top, we have to vent our cook tops in a tiny house so it’s an automatic fan when it pulls out. We’ve got an oven built in oven. More cabinet space Our apartment size refrigerator with more cabin space over the top Glass cabinet faces in these.

We have a microwave stand in here A washer/dryer combo There’s a couple ways to go with the apartment size refrigerator that stops right here. A lot of our customers like the refrigerator freezer combination a little bit larger and there’s room.

There’s room for them. And then for eating area we’ve got a flip up table right by the window And then through a sliding custom-made barn door, we have our bathroom It’s got a nice sink area with granite top again matching granite top to the kitchen We put a regular flush toilet in this house, most of our requests are for that – So, no composting toilet? – We do compost as well – But in this particular house we went with the flush toilet, we probably do 90% flush toilets and 10% composting or other And a full shower, four foot shower, very large for tiny home – The light in here is amazing – The light actually gets better It’s a little unusual but we put a door in the bathroom out the back to a porch area The blind between the glass in there, also gives you complete privacy The loft area above the porch area, there’s plenty of storage up there I gotta say I love the size of this shower.

It is big and it is bright there is no lack of light in here whatsoever because there’s this window or it’s actually a door. I’m really impressed with this I don’t know it feels a lot bigger almost than a lot of other houses that I’ve seen it feels like you get a lot of square feet on this trailer We have a downstairs bedroom in this house with another custom built sliding barn door Full or queen size murphy bed That tucks away so now you have an office space With additional storage for – We can put hangers right in here for hanging clothes or office supplies whichever Another thing we do with our murphy beds too, is we put outlets in the back of our murphy beds.

If you’re like most people, you use your cell phone for an alarm clock that’s what that’s for. It’s a cathedral ceiling with 2 dormers and our porthole windows outside We’re believers in a lot of light in the tiny house for just some simple facts we don’t anyone to feel closed in also it’s a safety issue – we’re required to have two points of egress by RBI standards.

This this house actually has six This is a combination of what we’ve been hearing over the last two and a half years of what people want their tiny homes. A lot of people want different things but the most of what we hear is downstairs bedrooms and large showering areas and a full kitchen we try to accomplish it with this unit One of the things that is really unique in this house is the amount of windows and they are big like there’s a lot of light in here I really like it This bedroom is brilliant because you have two huge windows here you don’t have really any on the other side except for the one round one at the top but it feels so bright in here and if you have a view that way can you imagine waking up to that every day? Alright so this is actually a tiny house with the Murphy bed.

I’ve been thinking about that many times – why wouldn’t you flip up the bed especially in the tiny house, so this is awesome! I like that you have a table on the back side that’s perfect! That’s exactly what we’re doing at home! We have a Murphy bed and we don’t have a table on the back side, but we have another table that we can flip out as you guys might know but I love this! It makes up for a lot of extra space if you need space for the kids to play you have some extra floor space, that’s perfect!