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So maybe you already have a few lamps around your home but they don’t really fit with the fresh coastal Hamptons vibe you’re trying to create. Well today I’m going to show you a really simple easy and effective way that you can Hampton your lamp, and also there might be a bonus tip at the end so make sure you stick around to the end of the video.

For this DIY you’ll need a lamp or two from around your house preferably with either a white, blue or natural coloured shade and make sure your lamps are unplugged before you attempt a DIY. You might have noticed some Hamptons Style houses that have lamps with a nautical, navy line at the top and bottom of the lampshade.

We’re going to achieve that look today on several lamps with some navy ribbon. You can choose either that satin ribbon look, which will look more traditional, or a natural cotton ribbon which is a little bit more casual especially if you use a wider cotton ribbon which I’m going to show you in a little bit.

If you like the cotton look but you can’t find any narrow cotton ribbon you can also try navy bias binding which you can buy in packets from any sewing shop. Start with some double-sided tape and stick about four long pieces around the bottom of your lampshade.

The double-sided tape is great because it sticks really well but also if you finish the whole lampshade and decide you’d like to try a different ribbon instead then you can easily remove it. Once you’re sure you have the look you want you can stick everything down more permanently with a glue gun.

The double-sided tape I’m using is acid-free and it came in a pack of two in Cheap as Chips for $2.50. I’ll link it for you below. Get your ribbon and start sticking it on making sure you begin at the back seam of the lampshade.

Work your way around and make sure the ribbon stays completely straight. You can always adjust it slightly if you need to. When you get back to the back seam make sure you have at least 2.5 centimetres overlap then get a small piece of tape stick it on the underside of the ribbon and fold it back on itself to create a seam or a neat edge.

Then stick the rest down. Repeat the same process at the top of the lamp. You can leave a little bit of white showing around the top and bottom like I have or if you prefer you could put the ribbon right on the edges so that no white shows through – it’s up to you.

And, just in case you missed it, here is a very quick look again with this cute little lamp from Target. This lamp was only twelve dollars and it would be perfect for something like a kid’s bedroom and narrow shelf or maybe a guest bedroom.

I’m using the navy bias binding here and it definitely elevates the whole look of this affordable little lamp and definitely adds that Hamptons vibe. And, that’s it! You could also try layering a satin ribbon over the top of the cotton ribbon for another look.

And here is the same lamp with just the navy satin ribbon so that you can see what that one looks like. Here are three different styles of lamps with three different textures and sizes of ribbons leave a comment below and let me know which texture and size of ribbon is your favourite.

Now of course this is only one type of Hamptons Style lamp. If you’re looking for some more inspiration for Hamptons Style lamps, head on over to the Hampton Your House Pinterest page where I’ve created a whole board of Hamptons Style lamps for you.

The link for that one will be in the description box below as well. Time for a bonus tip! Maybe you have a space where there is no accessible power point to put a lamp, or you need a gorgeous table decoration for an outdoor dinner party and the wind just keeps on blowing out the candles.

Grab some of these tiny battery-powered lights and a mason jar from Cheap as Chips, arrange the lights in the jar so that they go all the way up – use some sticky tape if you need to. Tie some cotton ribbon around the top and you have a beautiful feature light that you can take anywhere! I hope you’ve enjoyed this super simple and affordable Hamptons style DIY and please let me know in the comments below if you’re going to give this one a try.

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