hello friends Welcome to queen bee paradise Today’s video is yet another exciting video, its a home decor shopping haul. I am planning to do a living room makeover at my home. So i purchased few decorative items, so i thought i will share it with you, so you will also get an idea on these products.

. Before getting started subscribe to queen bee paradise and hit the bell, so you wont miss any new videos from this channel.I purchased this from DMART. See how pretty it looks. its just glowing it was available in few other colors, but this golden yellow was very attractive, so i picked this one.

We can just place a tealight candle like this. I felt the price is very very reasonable. I just paid 179 rs for this. The second product is an interesting product, it is a color changing cushion. My family just liked this cushion a lot, especially my kids are loving it and it keeps them busy for hours together.

I got this from amazon for 299 rs. Just because it keeps my kids busy.. i feel it is totally worth it. I will ensure to leave the product links in the description box for your reference. Next product is this tealight candles that is again purchased from amazon.

I paid 199 rs for this set of 25 candles. I feel it is reasonable. The remaining products that i am going to be showing you in this video was puruchased from home center. REcently we had visited Home center store on march 8th that is international women’s day.

As soon as i entered the store,this majestic lotus hanging decor attracted me so much.. I just went and checked the material , it was very heavy, i thought it is brass and is is going to cost few thousands.

. but when i checked the price i was very surprised it was Rs.499.. the next thing i did was i forced my husband to buy me a gift for Women’s day and i just love this.. howz this forced gift friends.. isnt it looking pretty.

. So next time when you visit home centre..try and get a forced gift for yourself too. Its is not an offer price , it is available for 499rs throughtout the year. On the same day we bought this Butterfly wall decor for my daughter as well.

. it is a set of 12 butterflies , it comes with these stickers for mounting and it can be used as wall decor like this.. The MRP is rs 295..on that particular day There was 50% off and we paid around 150 rs for this.

. i felt for the quality they offer, its very cheap.. Next I bought these 2 packs of pot pourri, i just loved the color combination. It is just dried flowers with added fragrance.. so it serves as a decor and room freshner.

. the price was very reasonable, I paid around 70rs per pack. The next few products that i am going to be showing you in this video was purchased from home center as well, but not now , a few months back.

I bought them from a home center store in coimbatore on a clearance sale. The offers were really good. So I thought I will show them, so you will also get an idea about these clearance sales that would happen in home centre.

This decor piece is again a candle holder, the color and this dangling is so pretty..it has a provision to place the candle in it.. the MRP is 295, I got this on a buy one get one offer. So i picked these 2 colors.

. they look so pretty right? for me they look like 2 indian brides… NExt comes this golden budha face.. its a very nice decor.. its a kind of breakable material i think it is made up of clay but looks like brass.

. the MRP was Rs 595, but again i got this on 50% off on the clearance sale. NExt comes this pretty Dancing ganesha idols.. this is also breakable material but looking like brass. The MRP was Rs 295 each, but i got this on a buy one get one offer.

they are sopretty.. I had already displayed it for few months now, but it still looks very new.. Hope you enjoyed watching this video.. I will post a living room makeover video soon.. So stay tuned.. don’t forget to like comment and subscribe.

. Thanks for watching bye bye..