hello to all my youtube friends. you all seem to love it when i do high end home decor copycats, so my next project is a whole ROOM dupe. today i’ll show you the before of my tiny guest bedroom and the plan for my pottery barn bedroom makeover.

next week we’ll go through the diys, amazon finds and how you can get that pottery barn look, for less money in your home. so here is the before of my very small and boring basement guest bedroom. i recently moved to colorado so i haven’t done anything with this room yet.

my friend heidi sonboul is hosting this summer room of the month collab, and i get to join 5 other awesome home and diy channels here on youtube. we’re all doing our own room makeovers, so i’ll link the playlist in the description box below, so you can check their videos out and subscribe to all their channels.

ok, here’s the rest of the bedroom. It is a little messy – haven’t unpacked everything yet. But it’s a starting point. If you’re stopping by my channel for the first time, i really appreciate your love and support here on artsy cupcake.

i’m maria and my passion is sharing ways to get creative in your home. if you like home diy’s please hit that subscribe button right now, so you’ll know when my next video goes up! about a week ago i asked the artsy cupcake crew to pick your favorite pottery barn room inspiration photo and i want to share the results and then go into a little bit of what makes pottery barn’s style so elegant and timeless.

here are the 6 images i found on potterybarn.com and thought they were all great options. you guys seemed to gravitate towards 2 and 3. so let’s hone in on those 2 and see why these inspiration photos have a similar vibe and what elements i might want to pick up from them for this guest bedroom makeover.

what i notice about these 2 rooms is that they all stick to neutrals. black, grey, white, and beige. there’s a good use of symmetry with nightstands and lamps placed on either side of the bed. i like how these rooms have a headboard but then have really prominent wall art featured above the headboard.

and you’ll notice that the wall art is not symmetrical but this gives a good balance to the already present symmetry that’s happening in the room with the nightstands, lamps and even the pillow placement.

i can definitely see myself finding some similar decor pieces, the reeds in the large vase is really elegant and simple. i actually have a similar black and white photo situation going on in my master bedroom, so i think this look could make this guest bedroom tie in well with my existing home decor.

You can’t really go wrong with black and white photos. i’m going to try to recreate this look as low cost as possible with some diys and amazon finds, which i will share next week. so how do you get that aesthetically pleasing pottery barn look for less money? let’s take a look at the pottery barn website real quick.

oh how I would love to be a stylist for one of these pottery barn photo shoots. They are just gorgeous. every season, pottery barn refreshes their product line and inspiration photos on their website and catalogs.

but the vibe, the feel you get when looking at these photos as a whole never changes. breezy linens, low maintenance natural materials are prominent in the pottery barn inspiration photos. layering those fabrics in the right way will be key.

a good way to layer without being overwhelming is using tone on tone. pottery barn leans towards neutrals like whites, ivories, greys, blush and very light blue. another way to layer is to mix up the textures like sheer fabrics, cotton, and linens.

this will make the room look really interesting. and it will just add a lot of dimension. pottery barn rooms look inviting and comfortable. a guest bedroom is somewhere you want your visitors to feel welcome and special yet not feel like they are going to break something.

that pottery barn look is minimalist yet maximalist at the same time with not too many elements in the room but then an overload of pillows. i think including lots of pillows and throws is what give the welcoming feeling to these pottery barn examples.

another thing i noticed is that pottery barns style is really timeless. they aren’t following trends. just classic elegant style, which i think along with the other items i mentioned we can create that high end pottery barn vibe for a fraction of the cost.

I have not started this room yet. But I think we can do this in one week, right? This video is part of a hop, so make sure to check out the next video and subscribe so you can see the big reveal next week.

Thank you so much for watching and I hope you have a happy day.