Hello and welcome I’m Disha and I’m here to help you transform your house into a home and Today is third episode of livspace design solutions and in today’s episode we’ll see some pooja mandir design ideas some inspirations and Living room designing parallel kitchen designing and how to cut down Echo and also small bedroom designing idea decorating ideas.

So let’s start First query is asked by Smita Jha. Smita has asked I have recently bought a flat This flat does not have puja room I wanted to get one made small puja room with seating inside how and where to get this done? Smita the ideal direction for puja room should be north east And since you already have bought your flat, we have two suggestions for you so while designing pooja room, you should take care of two things first is storage you should have good storage and then second thing is design style whether it should be traditional or contemporary.

so for storage you can get readily available puja units installed and this will offer you lots of storage space or you can get one designed according to your taste according to your Requirement and if you don’t have enough space to accommodate readily available puja units then what you can do is you can carve a niche in your living room you can use jaali pattern since jaali pattern is quite trendy or Get mural done on one wall of your living room and then get some small shelf or unit Installed in the center.

If you love traditional designs then go for carved Wooden Mandir and if you are someone who loves Contemporary designs then go for sleek lines and white or neutral colors And I have added the links specially for you in the description box below where you can get lots of puja room design ideas.

So do checkout and I have answered how you can design your puja room now where to get this done? Contact live space that’s it!! Now moving on to second query Second query is asked by Nirmiti She has asked how to design Parallel kitchen into modern yet simple and easy to maintain also helped me selecting colors for it.

Ok Nirmiti, so parallel kitchens offer you more workspace and for designing it opt for glossy and seamless cabinets that will definitely make your kitchen look and feel glamorous and you can also get Lofts installed so that you have lots of storage space and you can hide away all the clutter that you don’t need on an everyday basis.

So it will give your kitchen a neat and organised look and you can choose quartz countertop and the tiled backsplash because they are easy to maintain and clean. If you don’t love Contrasting and bold colors then select the backsplash that matches the cabinets.

So it will give harmonious look to your kitchen and if you have lots of wooden accent all around your home, then I’ll suggest you to use wooden cabinets so that Everything is in flow. And here is a wonderful tip given by Livspace designers that you should use BWR ply for your kitchen cabinets because these are water resistant and reduce the chances of leakage.

And now if you’re someone who loves bright and bold colors then go for tangerine, Blue, lime green or even red and I have added a link for you as well Just click it and get lots of parallel kitchen design inspirations and ideas from there.

Now moving on to the third query which is asked by Ajit Behera and he has asked my bedroom is small please give me some ideas how to decorate my bedroom. So we have already answered this particular query in previous design solution video.

But let me give you a few more tips and ideas to decorate small bedroom. First thing is get Sliding door for your wardrobe instead of the hinged ones, so it will not take up a lot of space You will have a free space.

Just slide the door and your wardrobe is open and the second thing is Your furniture should be multifunctional You should opt for bed with storage So that you can store your stuff and choose lighter colors for not only for walls But wardrobe as well so that everything looks Cohesive and it will make your bedroom look bigger and brighter.

For smaller rooms you can install some wall shelves or ledges so that you can place some Decorative stuff there like photo frames or small pots or knickknacks. And one more wonderful suggestion Is that try an exposed brick wall in neutral shades or in white color and then hang some trendy pendant lights like cage pendant lights wrought iron pendant lights and then add some pop of color using the Color-coordinated bedsheets cushions and pillows.

And you can play around with head board design also. It will definitely transform your bedroom. Now fourth query is asked by Jeffry Roy. He has asked can you plan a video on how to remove echo from a room? Thereby improving sound quality as many of us work from home We might need to convert one of the room to an office space so that we can attend calls engage customers Etc.

The major problem. I felt is the room Echoes a lot the caller at the other end of our call gets lot many audio disturbance due to echo. Yes. You’re right Jeffrey. First, Let me explain you why Echo happens? It happens because your room is empty and the sound waves just reflect they just bounce off Because there is no stuff that can absorb the sound waves so by filling up room with some stuff will definitely resolve this problem and how you can achieve it either you can get your walls Upholstered if that cannot be done Then you can use lots of soft furnishing because fabric is something that absorbs sound waves a lot so curtains rugs cushions and Ottoman these things will definitely cut down the echo and since you are working from home So I’ll suggest you to create one dedicated working zone where you can sit and work from Get a table and nice wall shelves that way your room will not be empty You will have some stuff that will absorb the sound waves, and there will not be echo anymore.

Now fifth query is asked by Neha Neha has asked my Dad has built a new house and we are very confused on what wall color to go for and the furniture as well I am thinking of textured wall on one side.

What are the trending color combinations for kitchen laminate, please share some inexpensive ideas Neha thank you for asking this question because a lot of time I get asked the similar questions and so I’m Answering it today and it will definitely help a lot of people out there so the color of walls totally depends on your taste if You are a person who loves bold and bright colors Then you can get one wall painted in bright and bold color like red blue teal or turquoise But it should not be a plain wall.

You should add some Pattern like the one I have shown in my previous video If you haven’t checked it, then here is the link that video is about wall stenciling. You will definitely love it So that is the one thing now second is you can choose either Wallpaper or decals or maybe paneling to create an accent wall and I have added the link in description box where you can get lots of statement accent wall design ideas inspiration.

but if you’re opting for Upholstery in bold colors then keep the walls in neutral shades and then you can decorate that wall using Huge mirror or paintings or any kind of artwork. Now for the kitchen I have already answered You can check out the link in description box or the query number two that I have answered in this video.

Ok So with this we have come to an end of this episode I hope you find this video informative and helpful and In case you also have some design related queries, just leave me a comment below and I and livspace will be happy to help you.

Bye Bye and I’ll see you soon in my next video. Till then wish you all Love, Luck and Sunshine!!!