hi welcome back to my channel here I’m using an unused tire, if any of you want to know the size it is around 2/3 24 inch in diameter. here I’m transferring the circle shape into a 1 inch thick form, then I’m using a regular craft knife to cut it out because the form is of soft density so it is quite easy to cut using a craft knife then I measure the height and diameter of the tire and cit a form of the same size Then I’m trying to attach the form into the tire using a staple gun.

bring both the ends together and secure it this Is how it looks like after I fix it. the fabric am using is velvet it’s like pink in blushy Colour .the same material used for the last project if you don’t watch it just go and click on the video then I’m going to secure it by attaching it to the tire it’s really easy just go around and continue doing it until you reach the other end here I cut the fabric only after I made sure it covers the tire very well then bring the other end of the fabric towards the starting point and securing it there cut the extra fabric and I mentioned earlier I cut it only after I make sure it covers the tire well.

Here I am trying to avoid the unwanted creases by Pulling it towards the inner side and securing it then I’m reusing a round shaped plywood which I actually used for a similar project a couple of years earlier then I used four Pins and just screw it to the bottom of the tire it is actually bit heavy to carry around so the wheels make it so comfy.

here I’m making the top part by covering the plywood with foam and fabric I’m running out of upholstery lining so I’m finishing it with polythene sheet and glue it . Ta-da.. what a beauty if you like it stay tuned and see you next time bye bye