Modern Bedroom Makeover – 50 Modern Bedroom Remodel Pictures + 10 Makeover Tips 1. Select appropriate furniture that fir to your modern bedroom size and color scheme for getting better preposition and more functionality including new space in your modern bedroom.

2. Change paint color that suitable to your personality and make your bedroom looks bigger. (Looks Larger, Looks Better) 3. Rearrange the furniture inside your modern bedroom that will give different atmosphere to your bedroom interior.

4. Put new decorating item/s that will give a new touch in your bedroom decor but do not use too many decorating items because it will be a cluster in your bedroom design. 5. Play with pattern to make your modern bedroom be more live.

6. Choose suitable lighting options that will boost your bedroom appearance. 7. Use material for your furniture properly, select material that can be used for long time and easy in maintaining process.

8. Use some plant that will make your bedroom look fresh and also make your modern bedroom decor be more awesome. 9. Try to minimize the cluster that will make your modern bedroom makeover project be more perfect.

10. Consult your makeover project to nearby expert or home decorators to get make sure your makeover project get big success. Thank you for watching this video. Do not forget to like and share this video if you think this video is helpfull.