Ok we have had 5 videos Our topic today is about modern biophilic design A biophilic design is If a plant and a pen combine If biophilic is an architectual and interior of earth tones and plants Thats what we are gonna do with the design My cousin sent me a pic of his room and asked me to make his room more lively So lets see what we can do here Her color of choice is blue as to make it not very girly We added a bit of greenery so that theres still earth tones in our design So now lets see what she sent us, By the way this is how she looks like Lets look at her room.

And what we can do with it So if you can see. she didnt send me any measurements I just guessed it so And lets see what we can do The wall theres one window I want to change that and make it a full height window But nevermind because they still need to demolish a wall Now we as we can see in the second view .

But it can fit a single bed This single bed is probably 2 meters plus that space there So now lets take that all out I made a plan. I designed the plan Here at this door there will be a desk space for working at home I also added a tv rack a plant and a sofa There are steps on the right side I dont know if these steps I added are correct Maybe 4 or 5 When you go up its atleast 750 of height I want the desk flat with the floor of the single bed So the singlebed is not as taller than the desk So now the sofa bed is at the middle because its 750 height We can add something like a bomb shell to store our things there since the space would be wasted at the bottom lets add something useful I also added a display shelf if she had something to show off So all the corners of the wall we will make it blue since thats her color of choice Lets one by one start the animation for our design i added my designed custom built The staircase has 5 steps so in total each step is 150 until the flooring of the bed in total its 750 I added a space for the bed not very seen from here but you will see it in a different view The bed cant be moved i also added small railings because so that if she falls of she wont fall off the whole thing the back has triangular rope .

We just have to weave it The color white and her headboard is glass for a nice touch the staircase has lights. When its night it will turn on automatically so she can walk up safely The display shelfs backwall is blue.

shelving is alternate shelving And at the corner there is one thin cabinet for swing door The door I made here is wrong and shouldve been added to the side So that It can be opened because if you are at the front its pretty far I also added some drawers for her shirts.

And the things I said about shelving Her swing door is for her hangers On the left side its this is her main workstation for her desk Her desk in protruded out as her desk can become a drawer for her things And theres one more at the side .

So theres alot of storage in our custom build Even the staircase has storage but the sofa is blocking it So there would be no important things we wont put there so we dont always have to move the sofa For important items.

If you can see the flooring Is vinyl flooring.So the steps Until the custom built is mostly laminate same color as the flooring I added some loose furniture the color of tv rack is very different to the to the walls and the and the cabinets and the other wall i also added a sofa its gray but its pretty dull gray so it doesnt stand out Its not orange or some other bright color and hurts the eyes heres the single bed and the arm chair and also the office chair lets move on to the next stage we are going to add accessories so if i added all the accessories there is something in the side of the tv rack its a frame for a wall something for like books and some for the display shelf so we added accessories there at the work station there is a there is a big wall with nothing so we added a picture frame.

lets add appliances i added a tv one computer at the desk lets watch the animation lets add everything i added plants and a curtain and also a florescent lamp i purposely added space at the side for our plants here this is what will look like for the end product if you can see the things hanging on the wall later you will see what it actually looks like and at the corner we added one big plant there and also one at the side of the tv there is not a lot of plants or not I think this is fine for the plants we added.

its not over doing it but also not too little lets move on to the different perspectives lets start on the entrance when you enter the room as you can see when you enter the entrance same as the ones I brought up this is the staircase this is the sofa and that is the work bench and upstairs that is the bedroom and here are the plants I also added a florescent light So its not dark at that area.

I also added lights at the shelving we only have one light so we only have one natural light source so lets say its morning if its closed it wont be very bright So i added many lights so its not very dark so this is the corners of the wall is blue I also hung a lot of greenery on the wall we dont need one big wall feature to save money i added lights on the front of the tv rack I also made the door white for highlight of the wall and at the very bottom of the wall and very bottom of the wall there is a drop shadow and added skirting this is the workstation as i brought up the added door is at the side which is not very accessible I shouldve added it at the other side our last view is the perspective from the front of the tv rack and entrance thats the space for the bed area i cant really remember the space for the bed area its probably 400 to 500.

but i think its enough so that you can open the drawer at the bottom the display shelf and also if you are going to walk there theres still space and for the tv space ok soooo thats all you can see ok thats basically our design for our modern biophilic just wait for our upcoming videos ok thats it good bye