what’s up glue dots?! I’m Elaine the midnight crafter today I have another decorative wall sconce for you I think I have a thing about wall sconces I don’t know why I just I really love them and this idea came to me I thought it’d be a fun one to share with you both with you both with all of you because all two of you that are watching here with with all of you and anyway if you would like to join the glue doll family it’s a little goofy around here at times but if you’d like to join the glue dot family and stick with us there is a subscribe button below that you can hit and there’s a bell next to it if you hit that it will inform you when I upload new videos give me a thumbs up if you like the videos you’re seeing so far and leave me a comment and actually what I would like to know in the comments section is because I’m Greek and I do a lot of Greek foods I don’t make them regularly but because I know how and I do that sometimes I would love to know if you would be interested in me doing some cooking videos something maybe like making baklava or something like facts I know that’s a really popular one anyway let me know love to hear that and let’s see I think right now we just need to get into this DIY so let’s do it to start this project out the first thing we’re going to do is remove the lettering I’ve already done it on this one and on most of this one here just for the sake of saving time but I did wanna I did leave the X of relaxed so that I could show you just how to do it I’m using this straight edge little razor and you can actually buy these at Dollar Tree you just go through and scrape you can buy these at Dollar Tree they come with a black little handle thing I found that the handle thing immediately broke off with any little bit of pressure so I am just using it by itself I don’t need the handle it’s got the little edge on it but you just go through and scrape this all off once you get all the lettering cleaned off you just want to go ahead and clean the glass just a little bit I mean you could probably do this at the end because we are gonna be touching it a bit but I just want to get some of that extra paint off of there from those letters so now you have your cleaned frames no lettering on them and we’re gonna be taking our small frames and it does need to specifically be this frame to fit in to here because what we want is for it to fit you can see that it fits right inside of there and that’s what we we need it to do for some support from our two silver frames we’re going to be removing all of the insides or the outsides however you want to look at it inside and outside the backings get that all removed from both frames and then we’re going to be cutting a piece of paper that is going to fill in as our picture so that we have a nice surface showing on the other side now you can use any kind of paper you want if you any kind of decorative paper if you have something that you like I’m actually going to be using this marble adhesive it’s called adhesive laminate and I think I got this at probably at the hardware store I can’t remember where but you can find it all over the place and if you don’t want to use or buy a whole roll of this I bought it because I’m going to use it for their projects you can certainly go get a piece of some kind of craft paper or a decorative paper that has a pattern that you like and use that inside of here so what I’ve done is taken the piece of glass out of my frame and I’m going to use that as a template to cut my paper and putting it on the backside and I’m just going to trace it out and it’s nice that if you do end up getting this type of paper it does have the lines on the back which does help a little to make sure you have it straight but it’s really you know it’s not going to matter as long as you trace out your glass you’ll have the size that you need I’m actually going to do two of these we will be needing two of them and then we’ll be cutting them out and I’m not going to use the adhesive part of it I’m just going to leave it on the paper and I’m going to put it inside my frame as though it were a picture when you reassemble and I’ve got it in as though it’s a picture I’m gonna put the back back in but I’m actually gonna put this piece upside down so that the stand part is inside and that will be holding our picture together giving it a little more thickness and stability and then if you’d like to you can actually cover this back piece as well with a piece of paper I think what I may be doing is cutting another piece of my marbleized paper and covering the bottom side so that both sides will have a nice look to them so here’s both of them done both the both sides I did use the adhesive side on the back so if you do get the laminate with adhesive whatever it’s called it does work great to stick on the back and then you don’t even have to stick it on the other side if you get just regular some kind of decorative paper you might want to use some kind of spray adhesive or some kind of a I don’t maybe a school glue or something to adhere it but anyway so that’s what we’ve got now we’re going to be taking our two clear frames and we’re gonna be taking our adhesive stickers here these mirror type stickers they do come in different styles I chose these leaves because I just really liked that if you like the other styles you can use those for your frame and we’re just going to be these are self-adhesive so we’re just going to be adhering them in whatever way you would like to the front side of your glass so once you get your pattern on this is just the pattern I decided to choose if you look real closely there is actually a thin thin layer of plastic on top of these pieces so it’s a little hard to get off or to get started but you could the peels right off once you get it started so find that and peel those little babies off your next step is going to be to attach the frame on here and we’re going to be sliding it right into that space and for this we’re going to be using the e6000 as well as the hot glue more so your e6000 because you have the support of this little lip here but you do want to make sure that it’s got a good hold because it’s gonna be holding your candle your candle this thing and make sure please please ventilate a well-ventilated area when you use your e6000 a 6000 actually can be carcinogenic actually I know that’s a don’t know why we do it anyway but as long as you take precautions then I feel like maybe it’s okay I don’t know I’m not a specialist with that so I don’t want to say for sure but just please keep in a ventilated area try and keep it off your skin if you can and I have my e6000 running across that bottom edge I’m gonna put a little bit of hot glue in there and the hot glue I’m gonna kind of put back towards the back corner because it’s not going to show and I put plenty of that as well just for some extra hold and then place your picture frame right in that flat area and press it down it’s also a good idea probably to have put it on the sides I didn’t do it on this one I didn’t think about it but for sure on this one I will and you want to let this dry for 72 hours before you put this up on the wall with your candle thing this has some weight to it and actually e6000 we do say a lot of times we feel like I was a 24 hour cure time but to fully cure it needs 72 hours and if you don’t want this to fall down on your head or on someone else’s head I’d give it the 72 hours you