Hey guys! DeityAisha here. This video is about how I did makeover our master bedrroom in a minimalist style. I like minimalism. I enjoy the emotion of the space I’m seeing, and most of all, I love the freedom of having a room to think.

Here I’ll also show you how to paint over wallpaper especially an old and flimsy one. First thing to do is to put tapes on the ceiling especially if you’re going to paint different color from your ceiling.

It’s one way to have less work, plus you’ll achieve a spick-and-span work afterwards. Well if you already are good in controlling your hands, no need to put them. Tip number one: leave half inch out of the edges.

I prefer to use small brush for the edges because tape can damage the wallpaper especially if it’s old and flimsy. So please be cautious. Tip number two: use different paint rollers to each paint color.

In that way you can save much time cleaning the paint rollers so as to use them to another color. Tip number three: do a single coating and let it dry first before you layer the second coating so that the wallpaper will not be damaged.

Like what I did in this painting. The drying time for me was just 15 to 20-min long because I used a quick-dry paint Please do remember, leave the edges out and do a single coating and let it dry first.

While I’m drying up the paint, I’m doing the edges so as to save time. In this corner, I found it fun to put a simple piece of art… so I was thinking if I could make something that is close to my heart This corner is perfect! My heart beats for the nature.

I don’t know if it’s weird but looking at them makes me feel loosen up and happy. So I decided to make a silhouette of twigs and leaves. …and a little bit of something. For this art I’m using a round paintbrush and for the lining of the edges of the wall I prefer using the angle paintbrush #7 of Crelando Crelando brushes are so far so good and the price is light for the pocket.

I consider paint and shading combination plays an important role to the dramatic transition of mode or style of creations or any concept of arts. The shade of gray and white have calming effect to the eyes also considered for modern colors.

By the way my family don’t know yet that the camera is on. :)) Anyways… In this makeover I want to display the modern Scandinavian style which I aim to depicts on this creation. I like Scandinavian settings because it exhibits a cozy minimalist mode.

The beauty of its simplicity catches my heart. For the paint coatings, you can do 4 to 5 coatings depending on your satisfaction on the outcome of your painting. For me, I did 4 coatings for gray paint and 5 coatings for the white paint.

Shout-out to all my family in the Philippines if you watch this video, hope it could give you inspiration to modify your style. I hope some of those tips could help you guide for your future makeovers and I hope this video could motivate you to do more DIY makeovers Don’t forget to share this video to all our clans! Thank you in advance! and oh if you’ve noticed yes I got my new haircut I asked my husband to cut it because I felt tired with my long hair.

If you noticed that the wallpaper inflates or blows up a little what you’re gonna do is go ahead and pinch it with needle and leave it until the wallpaper dries back it will just compress back so don’t worry.

In this room I used up 9 litres of white paint and 3.5 liters of gray paint. This makeover I did only the 95% yet because I want to separate the DIYs and other decors for the walls on the next video. So stay tuned! if you are new to my channel don’t forget to hit the subscribe button.

If you like this video give me a thumbs up and if you don’t like the video you can dislike it. Thank you. Tip number 4: after using the paintroller and plate, don’t forget to seal them tightly in plastic bags to avoid drying up the paint.

You can still use them especially the roller the day after even without washing it. This bedroom makeover took me quite long time to finish because being the queen of the family is unimaginable idea.

you know what I mean guys. 😀 We bought this decor from LiDL Store. I found it simple yet classy. It’s just like a thick metallic cardboard so I’m not worried in case it falls. It’s light and easy to stick.

So I’m having fun sticking them up. So now guys, it’s time to watch the not so final result of this makeover. I will show you, the before and after the painting happens. Enjoy!