it is officially time for makeovers with Myka oh we aren’t doing some epic makeovers and I cannot wait and this little girl come here we are in one of the messiest rooms in the house thanks to Jake Ally’s can you say hi to all my viewers anyways I picked out everything that I thought you would love and I cannot wait for you to see the transformations are you ready yeah thank you wait if you guys like my new series makeovers Micah give this video a thumbs up if you’re brand new here hit that subscribe button we have a lot of work to do are you ready let’s do it I know Jacob’s room is totally a mess and normally we wouldn’t let the rooms get this bad but we were in the process of switching rooms for the kiddos and we just never really got a chance to make it the way that we wanted or even to declutter it cuz life had just gotten so busy so not only was it time for a makeover but it was time for proper clean one of the things I really wanted to pay attention to while I was cleaning up her room was to really look at all of the things that she had what were some of the things that she was collecting what were some of the things that she wouldn’t wanted to keep in her room I was constantly thinking about those well when I was cleaning them up so I could kind of figure out ways and places to put them and heads up I’m also gonna have a small closet organization video coming out for you guys really really soon one of the reasons I did not have Jake a help with the overall process is I one wanted it to be a really special surprise and two I wanted to see some of the stuff that she held on to I tend to be able to find out even more about my kids by finding what they’re hoarding in the room and what they’re holding on to and it just can be really helpful as a mother so I’m really not gonna get rid of anything what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna pile everything up make sure that it’s all in a bid and kind of get it out of the room just so that I can see what this space looks like so we’re gonna see how to rearrange things I would like to keep everything in here whether we keep it in our closet whether we organize it in a special bin however we organize it unless it’s stuff that just needs to be thrown away like garbage but or maybe it’s a different duvet cover something like that but I would have salvaged everything that specials aren’t but I want to go ahead like I said pack it all up everything out of this room so we could really look at the space that we’re working with in the middle I had to do a mini feeding veronik so James kind of helped me declutter and get a bunch of stuff out when we originally bought this light picture we bought it for a Radley’s room this room was at one point Radley’s room and this light picture is so bright that it’s almost non usable so I wanted to take that down and put something up a little bit more effeminate there was so much bigger already I feel like I’m nervous to commit to this but there’s so much more like space don’t you agree from practice it is you one thing that was really important is even though I’m taking everything down to wipe it all down I still wanted to hold on to her very special collectibles and items that are important to her my girlfriend this room was to have it be very girly very feminine just very playful this is the turn that I decided to go with I better pull it out putting in the PT work done but I thought it was so pretty and he was so excited to shame I was super grateful that James helped me to do a lot of the handiwork he has such a handy guy and I’m so grateful for his help all right so here are a couple of the new pieces I’m really excited I’m pretty sure we’re gonna keep the bed this way and it does matter which way we pick for the bed to go because we are anchoring a canopy that goes down below or it goes above the bed so I’m hoping this can look just right I might have to move a couple things around to make sure but let’s go ahead and open up the red busy little early so we were toying with a couple different directions as to where we wanted to put the bed did we want to keep it sideways to capitalise on more space or did we want to keep it up and down as we had it prior so that we could keep the room in a very traditional classic state as it was before at the end of the day we decided to keep it where it was before because it just made more sense and we were able to keep the nightstand right beside the bed whereas on the other location the nightstand would have to be on an opposite wall and I also wanted to say that I know that we recently did Co VA’s makeover and we did a know spending makeover so we didn’t makeover with things that we already had and here for Jacob I’m over here buy all brand-new stuff so I talked to Cova and I let her know that we’re gonna do a makeover for her room too with Co VA’s and if you haven’t seen coves makeover I’ll link it down in the description box below but with koba’s we just use pre-existing stuff and kind of spruced up the room but I don’t think it’s very fair to give one child all-new makeover and then the other child just gets left over is it so I want to give her a makeover that actually makes sense to her one of the things that I went ahead and did instead of buying a new elaborate bed I went ahead and bought a very inexpensive bed canopy so that it makes the bed look more dramatic and makes the bed look real more romantic and it changes the space so much instead of spending thousands on a new bed or hundreds on a new bed just buying a nice canopy can really change up this space and when it came to pillows I wanted a ton a different varieties she has a little side window nook so I wanted to add some over there and I also wanted the bed to feel a little bit different than it did before and as a little touch I added these really pretty stars to dangle down below it was just the cutest touch ever I love the way the room came out I hope she is just as excited as I am if I was a little girl I would have killed for this room it is so pretty and so her she loves unicorn she loves ring bows she loves kitty cats and her baby dolls and I think she is just going to feel so incredibly special when she sees this I can’t wait for her reaction a lot of the pieces that we ended up getting were from Pottery Barn Kids because I feel like Pottery Barn Kids does such an amazing job every single time we were gonna get a new duvet set but I was still in love with the one that she had so I stuck with the old one and could have changed some things up and I hope she is so excited are you ready to peek yeah are you sure yes you don’t wanna like yeah you gonna see Erika let’s see that hard oh yes I wait I hope you guys love this bedroom makeover I love Jacob’s reaction and it ended up turning out better than I could have imagined and I hope you guys have an absolutely amazing day