Hey guys, what is up welcome back to my channel! Ignore the mess in the background, we are trying to do a little bit of Sort of like a mini makeover today. There’s a couple things I want to do I thought I would film it because even though it’s not a full bedroom makeover I I tend to enjoy watching this kind of stuff So I’m hoping that you guys will enjoy watching it as well.

Pretty much we’re just like doing the bed area, Like I want to get new sheets. I want to get a new headboard. I want to kind of edit the filming area backdrop. Not a complete overhaul, like I said, and this isn’t a room tour But it’s like a mini makeover a little hacking in it as well.

I don’t know let’s uh, let’s see what we can do. So first things first is to show you what we’re working with. This used to be much nicer when there were like plants everywhere However, there isn’t anymore So we want to redo this is essentially where my bed sits one of the first things that we have to do is paint this wall because My fault I only decided to secure this with one of these clips and I should have secured it the whole way around Because it ended up rubbing on the wall So we’re gonna take this down and get rid of this headboard because we’re going to get a new one But yeah, I have to paint this.

So first things first is to get everything away from the wall so we can do that Okay, so we have moved everything I’m gonna clean down in that area before I put everything and paint everything however I’m going to take this shelf down because I think I’m gonna put like a hat and like a poster here or something because this is kind of like the backdrop where I film.

So let’s take these babies out! Just to show you like how messed up this wall is I figure we might as well So if you were to do that DIY that I did, to secure against the wall is like super super key But now we have a couple holes in the wall and I- just because this is gonna be in the background of my videos- I’m gonna fill them So I’m gonna get a little sandpaper, sand that down a bit and then we’re gonna fill in the holes If you ever need to do this, it’s pretty simple.

This is just like the bottom of a water bottle Then I have some plaster, Um, drywall plaster. I just got a bunch from my dad a while ago. I’m gonna take a little bit into there We don’t probably need that much but just for the sake of showing you.

Then, you want to mix This to be a little bit thicker than peanut butter So I’m gonna add in some water. And, I’m wearing a glove to mix It because I’m going to mix it with my finger, because this stuff is just a biatch to get out of your fake nails So I’m gonna add some water.

And you can do it as slow as you want, so that you don’t get it too thin Up (?) you see, there we go. It’s a good consistency. Just anding that ’cause it, like, stuck out where the nail was, as you can see like that one Sticking out of it.

And then, I’m just gonna take some of our mixture.I have way more than I need on my hand this is much harder to do with gloves on but Not making the mistake I made last time. So, while I wait for that to dry so I can sand it I’m just gonna start cutting the wall with a paintbrush.

We’re gonna paint this white. It’s gonna look so good Okay, I’ve just gone ahead and sanded it down and yeah you have a Filled hole and I’ll just show you guys hide you these ones breezy So what we’re working with is I originally saw this headboard right here on UrbanOutfitters.

com and So, it’s I guess sold out because on the website it says the product is no longer available which really made me upset because they Posted this and then yeah, it’s no longer available. So. But I really kind of liked how it was, like, really loose here and then it got a little bit tighter in the middle so I went on the hunt trying to find some other ones.

I went on Google and there’s lots of different like Headboards like this. I found this one. I really kind of liked the square look to it. Yeah, I wanted something that was pretty simplistic. So, I couldn’t find anything online that I was like super in Love with like things like this, is a little bit too much for me.

I want something a little bit simpler So I went to Ikea and on Ikea’s website they have this. And, essentially what this is, It’s just a coffee table. Now, it’s 63 inches. The average size of a queen bed is 60 inches So this is gonna work absolutely perfectly.

It looks like this. I’m not sure about the color It looks a little bit light but we might stain it I just want to be able to see it in person first and I was looking if you go to the documents page and I wanted to see if, underneath it, there’s this like little piece right here I wanted to see if this whole top piece was its own piece and it actually is! You can see building It there, and then you attach it.

So this whole piece is actually its own piece So, I’m thinking we’re going to use this for headboard and we’re gonna either stain it or not Stain it. What I love is that Ikea is readily available. So let’s let’s upcycle this so to speak It’s it’s pretty expensive to be honest it’s about, um, gonna be a $250 headboard, but I figure that’s what I was going to spend anyways, and Going back to the Urban Outfitters one, I kind of like that this one is.

.. This Ikea one is square I kind of like that a little bit better than this. I saw this one online It’s on, like, Kijiji, which is kind of like a site that you can buy and sell on, but it’s only for a double.

And that was really the only one like Craigslist, Kijiji. So, yeah. This one is very similar to this one. I just showed you on Google. I find it’s got that square So yeah, I think that’s what we’re gonna do.

We’re gonna turn this baby into a headboard Okay, so this is the outcome! We have a nice clean wall. No holes! Really excited. So now we’re gonna head to Ikea to get our headboard. Okay, so here it is! This is the smaller version of it.

So, like I said, this, we’re just gonna use the top of it as a… headboard. So I took it out of the box in the trunk just to show you guys the color, And I am gonna stain it because it’s- it’s just, this is super super light.

This is like birch. So, it just needs a little bit of color back into it. So, I’ve come to Home Depot to get some stain. I’m looking at these ones. Mine looks like it’s more of, like, a pine So it’d be like the bottom half of these swatches, Um, I like this.

This color looks nice. Golden oak is also nice. I think I’m gonna get this one which is This color right here. I’m also gonna get some clear polyurethane to Seal it in! Okay, so I’m just starting off.

We’re just doing a test I’m doing it on the back of the headboard just in case I really, really hate it. It’s the back of the headboard. You won’t see that anyway. So, I’m just taking some of that stain and applying it on the back of the headboard.

I’m also applying it on the wood side, right there, because I want to see how it Reacts with the wood because if it doesn’t look good, I need to know. Then, you’re just waiting the required time and then wiping it off I really didn’t like what it did to that corner piece of wood, So I decided that I’m not gonna actually apply it on there at all.

And we’re just gonna do it on the other bamboo part, and I’m gonna leave on longer, so it goes darker. Okay, so here is the finished outcome! I really like it. As you can tell here, like, these used to be the same color It just adds a little bit of dimension back into it.

I’m really happy that we did this I think it looks really, really great! Now, next up, what I’m going to show you, This is called a Z clip you can see it’s like a Z And this is what we’re going to use to mount these to- our headboard to the wall.

So, essentially, this is going to get screwed into the wall And then the other piece is going to get screwed to the headboard. Essentially, they go together like this. So we’re gonna be able to lift the headboard out and slide it in and then they will fit together, Like such.

So, we need to go ahead and attach one to the wall and one to our headboard. So you can see it is on there This is the one that’s gonna go into the wall And it’ll basically slide in like that, and this is where it will be attached into the wall.

So we’ll be able to take the headboard on and off really easily. I used a level I would suggest that you guys do as well That’s how I got them straight and lined up perfectly, and, as you can see, they lined up perfectly! I ordered new sheets for the bed and they just arrived! So, my sheets are by Dazed but Amazed.

These are flax linen sheets linen is just, Amazing. Let’s, let’s give a look Okay, so this is the color that I got It’s like a browny-orange. Yeah. What I really love about this is that it comes in a tote that matches the Linen inside the bag so you can like reuse that tote.

Oh my god, don’t you just love that? What a great little way to package your stuff. Because usually if it just comes in that little sheet thing, like, what can you really reuse that for? You ready for comfy sheets, Oaky? So, here’s what the new sheets look like! They are extremely, extremely comfortable.

Oh my goodness! Yeah, so that’s pretty much kind of the update on the sheet situation. I think it matches with like the headboard much nicer It’s kind of in that realm of the feel I’m going for. So yeah, I really like these really amazing quality I’m gonna link them down below if you guys want to check them out.

So, I have this dog bowl holder. I got this from Homesense. One of the dogs cannot eat near the other dog. So, he eats in my bedroom, And what you can basically do is you can put them wherever you want So if you have, like, a taller dog, you can put them at the tallest.

If you have a really little dog You can put them more down below. I kind of like having like the two separate heights I think that kind of looks cool. And then, you just take the bowl and you Place it in there, like such! And we’ll put the water bowl in the other one, But I thought this was- matched my room pretty nice.

It’s by this brand. I don’t really know. I’ve never heard of them before but Yes, so I thought I’d show you. This is like a little addition. It’s gonna go beside my bed This is the side table that I’m gonna use.

I got this from Homesense as well I don’t shop too much at Homesense anymore. But, you know, for some staple pieces like this- you only thrift this kinda stuff. So, this is an absolutely beautiful little side table that I got, and then on top of it I have just this tray For my rings and my necklaces, it’s all of, like, the jewelry I wear on a constant basis.

So those two necklaces That’s my promise ring from Jordan which, obviously, I don’t really need to wear anymore. I might switch hands Maybe I’ll put on my other hand. And then, some earrings from Jordan’s mom.

And then, I have this little one over here which just has Twilight which I spray in bed every night to help me sleep. So, check this blanket that I Thrifted from a vintage store! Jordan just threw that on the end of the bed.

But essentially this is what We have going on! I hung this hat on the wall because this is, like, the background of my video and then, we have the side table over there. And then, we have this chair that you guys saw in a thrift with me which I’m still trying to figure out the whole pill situation, but that is essentially what we have looking like right now.

It’s still in progress. I just wanted to show you guys kind of like the headboard hack, and- and figuring this area out So we still have a lot more to figure out. So, that is it for this little edition of this room makeover I hope you guys enjoyed watching this! I feel a lot better.

I definitely don’t feel like the room is at all… Finished yet. Like, I still feel like it has a lot of things that need to go Like, I’m not a hundred percent with the way that everything is coming together, but we made some progress today! So thank you for hanging out.

Let’s Let’s do more of this kind of stuff. I like it. Ok. Bye guys