Today, I want to give you tips and inspirations about how to style and cozy up your bathroom and make it look like a spa, especially in a rented apartment. Hi, everyone! Welcome to lifestyle Si. It’s Sungeun.

I’m an interior designer, and I create videos about poetic interior design and lifestyle. There are many different bathroom styles out that you can choose from. However, today, I’m going to go through key styling points to achieve a spa-like bathroom, because creating a spa-like bathroom has been probably the number one request from my clients.

When you rent an apartment, the bathroom is already set, and that means that you actually can’t change many things, or there’s no need to. If you have a chance to renovate your whole bathroom, you’re very lucky.

Because you can select everything from finishing materials to accessories. However, I believe that you can still change the atmosphere of your bathroom with proper styling and some easy DIYs. So, from now on, I’ll guide you on how you can achieve your spa-like bathroom step by step.

I’ll give you non-drilling solutions based on the assumption that you have to keep existing furniture and fixtures. Choosing natural materials is the easiest way you can change your bathroom right away.

You can see lots of natural materials in many retreat places like wood, stone, hand hammered metal, linen, jute, etc. So, let’s bring items made with those natural materials into your bathroom and forget about shiny plastic items.

For example, you can put some baskets for towels, toilet paper, toiletries, hair dryer, etc. If you have an empty place in your bathroom, you can put a beautiful large basket with lid as a laundry basket.

It’ll be a statement piece and give the room lots of texture. I’ll give you another example. If you need to hang shower curtains, you can definitely consider textured ones like linen and waffle. Shower curtains cover quite large surfaces, so please choose carefully one that looks elegant and tailored.

After you pin inspiration images, again carefully curate a few concept images and then find your color scheme from them, because it’s going to be a guideline when you buy new items. Spa-like bathrooms can’t be defined in one image, but you can choose whether you prefer a bit toned down and calm atmosphere or bright and fresh atmosphere.

So, after you set your color scheme, you can add some natural and earthy colors as well as some patterns. For example, when you choose a greyish and dark color scheme, you can get black baskets, black and beige patterned towels, brown packaging body products, or a black towel ladder.

When you choose fabric items such as bathmats or towels, you can think of them like throw pillows and blankets. It’s easier to select and style them as a group that will match well together. Changing finishing materials isn’t easy for tenants.

However, there are a few simple ways that you can tweak them. If you’re not happy with tiles, you can consider applying tile stickers. You can easily find nice designs from Etsy. It’s durable and you don’t need to worry about getting bored of the patterns, because you can simply remove them anytime.

Also, when you have some white walls in your bathroom, you have the chance to apply mineral paint. It looks like concrete finishing as many spas have and the colors are very soft and natural. You can also do some DIYs using self adhesive film.

If you’re not happy with the floor, you can go for a large size bathmat and cover the floor as much as possible. In general, large bathmats give the room the feeling of luxury. Don’t choose one that’s way too small.

If you have windows, consider having window treatments like pleated blinds, roman blinds, or linen curtains. They’ll soften natural lighting beautifully, give the room texture, and protect your privacy.

My next tip is finding proper storage to avoid clutter around the basin. It could be a medicine cabinet, sink cabinet, or separate cabinet, you need a handy and well organized storage system. If you use small containers and baskets to organize small things in the cabinet and store similar products in the same basket, it’s going to be very easy to use and keep the products neatly in the same place.

Now that you moved things away from the sink, it’s time to display lovely items that spark joy. You can also carefully choose your favorite hand wash and cream. Personally I love Aesop products, and they not only look good, but also smell so good.

If you can’t find things that come with nice packaging, you can buy dispensers that match your concept and transfer contents to them. If you have a bit of a larger surface, you can put them in a tray with other things like candles.

Speaking of candles, they’ll make an ambient atmosphere. One of the best sensations in a luxury spa is smelling the aromatic scents. So why not bring that experience to our daily life? You can put reed diffusers, spray room fragrance, or burn scented candles or essential oil.

I found one more lovely idea from the internet, that is, hanging a bundle of Eucalyptus behind the shower head. Don’t forget to have some plants and flowers. For example, I put a branch, but there are many other ways you can also bring nature into the bathroom like hanging plants.

Although I promised you that we wouldn’t be drilling, you can change the mirror and lighting depending on your bathrooms condition. If you don’t have a towel rail on the wall, you can install adhesive hooks and hang each towel on each hook.

A bamboo ladder would be lovely as well. For toilet paper, you can easily get a standing toilet paper holder. I love to sit in the bathroom to put on body creams or to my nails. So, having a stool or bench is a very nice detail.

For the spa look, a reclaimed wooden one is going to be perfect! You can also put some extra towels and body products on it. This tip isn’t about how to style, but how to visualize all your ideas together in one big picture.

Accessorizing sounds easy but it’s actually pretty tricky. So, I always try to make a mock up quickly using photoshop. Empty the place where you want to restyle, take pictures, and simulate the space with new items before you buy them.

These are my 10 tips for styling your calm and relaxing spa-like bathroom. I hope you get some inspiration and useful information from this video. Please give this video a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel! Thank you always and see you in the next video.