Hi this is Jackie from quick flip decor with a taste of steampunk now today we are going to do a version of steampunk and you wanna experiment because there’s so many things you can do you can use vintage decor you can use decor that is new but looks vintage there’s so many wonderful things out today that you can purchase online or you just look around and sometimes you may have things already at home I have a lot of antiques and it kind of works with this Now the Industrial Revolution brought on this idea that it could be possible to have time travel now time travel from the Victorian era into present day now that may not be possible that we’re aware of in your home you could bring about the illusion of the time travel taking a few pieces out with Victorian bringing them in with the present-day look and having your own version of steampunk here we have a pillow with the time clock I’m going to use a little bit of a teal color with a little bit of tope drappery now this is a pillow cover I made out of a jacket of mine and I just put in a few things with a few sprockets and a few little dials like what you’d see in the mechanisms of a clock this is like an old pilot jacket or a pilot jacket replica here’s something really fun here’s another clip cover I made one of those really founcy lace top why not use something like this you could all do the nice beautiful pillows with the nice little slices in the middle and if you want to be different try something like this All I did was I tacked these two on the top maybe three little tacks sewed them up a bit I don’t sew very much took a piece of black ribbon and put a few little sprockets on it and then just tied the sleeves up like this so it gives you a little bit of color because basically we’re gonna work with brown and teal little bit of gold a little bit of brass if you have things like this they’re very interesting this has a camera with a bellows and it sort of gives you the idea of history also I will have a few pictures that are going to show you things that I have that will be working around the surrounding of the room something you can think about if you love vintage decor Mr.

Transmission in St. Albert Gave me these I got three of them to come out of a tranny of a car cymbals cymbals from my drums my father-in-law’s drums okay so now We’re back it really didn’t take much at all we have the pillows in place with the little sprockets and dials here’s a steampunk hat it shows the goggles and it shows that the possibility of time travel and that’s really what you want to do you want to give people something fun to look at imagine the possibilities I know the jacket seems a little different to do for a pillow cover but you have pockets where you can put your remote in there some Kleenex candies whatever you want steampunks a bit of that industrial revolution time travel the Victorian era brought to present-day and this has been Jackie and Charlie Forsyth from the Dave Forsyth Band With Quick flip decor and A Taste of Steampunk What do you think Charlie? ya what do you think? there are many more videos on the Dave Forsyth Band channel so please come on over and subscribe we’ve got a few new ones coming up real quick along with a few live feeds so don’t forget to check back regularly