want to do a DIY project while my husband’s at work? come on! I’m Jenni with Roots & Wings furniture and today I’m gonna do something I’ve never done before so I thought I would take you along. we’re gonna paint the tile in my bathtub surround and my husband really doesn’t know that I’m gonna do this so let’s just see how it works huh I’m gonna use a product called slick stick it is from dixiebell and it is a primer that allows you to paint really glossy hard to paint surfaces so step one of this whole process is obviously to clean the tile nothing crazy I just used white lightening sprayed it down to give it a nice clean to get any soap or anything that you can’t see off the tile I did tape off the areas that I don’t want to get paint on and I have a feeling this could be a little messy so I did paint tape off the bathtub and the wall and then we’re gonna apply the slick stick as our primer over this tile give ourselves a good surface to paint and then do some stenciling on the tile just to give it the updated look to kind of help the bathtub come out of the 80s see if we can’t do something a little fun with it so let’s get started all right here is slick stick so it is it’s just a white primer it’s kind of thick and a little smelly and we are just gonna brush it on we are gonna use a couple coats of this so the instructions say to apply this let it dry two to three hours and then give it a second coat so this is going to be a two-day project until we are ready to paint I’m going to get this first coat on and show you how to do it all we coat it after it’s dry and then we’ll do the fun stenciling and painting tomorrow so that’s how this is gonna work I think you could use a roller with this but the brush is nice because it’s getting in all the little grout right grout lines here that’s going on pretty easy it’s actually it’s smelly in the can but I’m not it’s not terrible as I’m applying it here now this tile is all in good shape it’s all you know well stuck to the wall there’s no cracks or anything like that I just want to change the way that endless you bet it’s a nice thin coat you can still see the design underneath the primer but that’s fine because like you say it’s gonna get another coat of primer and then I’m actually gonna paint the tile black and it’s going to have like an off-white design on it so this will all cover one way or another here I feel like that goes on pretty easily and there’s no it’s not super drippy or sticky or anything like that so let’s keep going see what happens okay it’s day two of the bathroom tile make-over so yesterday we did two coats of slick stick I showed you how to do it I let it dry for two to three hours and came back and did a second coat it is definitely very clearly primer it’s not completely an opaque coverage but it does make a really flat finish which is what we want we want something for the paint to really stick to so that worked well it was a little stinky but not too too bad so today we’re going to give it the base coat of paint and I’m gonna use midnight sky it’s a really super dark gray almost black which is what I want on the base and then the stencil when I do the stencil on there will lighten it back up so we’re just gonna give it a coat of paint and let it dry really well before we stencil it yeah this is really pretty so again a super dark gray almost black I want something a little dramatic I’m just using a dixiebell mini brush to paint this on I think you could use any brush whatever your preference is your favorite one you could use a roller for this if you wanted to make it go quicker but the brush gets in all the grout lines so you’d have to go back and brush it anyway so I’m just gonna use this brush I do really like this color it’s really pretty nice and dark without being so stark and black and since we are painting over the white primer it is gonna take two coats of this color to get a nice solid coverage I’m just gonna let this dry it won’t take long it’s already starting to dry since we’re inside give it a half-an-hour go back through with a second coat just so it’s a nice opaque color and then I will be back for the stenciling and it is going to be so pretty so I’ll see you in just a minute for a full supply list of everything you will need to create this awesome finish check out the description below this video also subscribe to this channel so that you won’t miss a thing click the button below