Hey guys, Again Mr ATC and welcome back to MyATCtv!!! Today we are going to create a nice DIY floating shelf for the bathroom and for less than 15 euros… For this project, I have been invited to work on a new bathroom design in Paris and the goal was adding a simple DIY floating shelf in this corner as you can see just right here which is measuring 23 cm large… The owner of this apartment couldn’t find the right furniture for this spot so ask me to design it.

.. And as you already know as soon when it’s about making, I am all IN!!! That’s the reason why, I’ve decided to share this project with you in case you find yourself experiencing the same problem at home… Alright!!!! So enough talking let’s make it happen!!! To make this shelf you don’t really require a lot of tools, here I am making it with 2 pieces of lumber from 1 meter long, 20 cm large and 1.

9 cm thick Here Each of the 3 shelves will be cut at 20 cm large and 21 cm long in order to be inserted into the main back piece I gonna start by cutting the different shelves pieces first and note that for this I am using a minor saw but you could also use a handsaw or jigsaw depending of what you have available.

To insert the different shelves, i am here taking some marks in order to cut using my router and making a deep cut at 0.7cm… then I decided to place the shelves to have a first testing look and also trace a line giving me their exact thickness to follow with my router Yeah, looks like I like it already… Alright time to use the router! Here if you decide to use a router, remember to be very precise in order to cut just on the line.

Here to make sure the shelves are staying in place and with an angle of 90 degrees I decided to drill some holes in order to insert screws from the back (so when looking in front of the shelves, they should be invisible) and keeping this all creation strong and stable Then I am sanding a little bit to avoid having any side particles while trying to slide the 3 shelves to the holes… For the finish, I’ve decided to use some invisible lacquer to keep the real wood texture and spirit as I really liked it.

. Even if the color in the bathroom was mainly gray, i thought that adding a wood spirit with this DIY shelf could create a very nice additional design And here we are with a cool DIY bathroom shelf. Guys as usual, remember that you will be able to find below in the video description links a free plan to this creation if you want to make it yourself And don’t forget to share with us your own creations via the ATC App, you will have a link showing up just above this video Feel free to check it out!!! I really hope that you liked this project, and as usual, Mr ATC for another idea of housing!!!! See you next time and don’t forget to share, subscribe and comment below the video… Bye….