Breaking beige with beige. Breaking beige with beige. With breige? I like breige. breaking beige with breige I’m gonna juggle really dangerous things…. Joey watch the art. Can you just extract extracting.

In a beige beige world Mr. Kate is on a mission to break it. 1…2….3! (scream) Oh my god. You guys did such a great job So join us… Joey we get it you’re really manly. Hello everybody! Welcome our creative weirdos Back to another episode of breaking beige.

-Whoa breaking beige The series where we go into people’s homes, break them out of their beige. We go in with our truck, our breaking beige mobile, filled with new stuff, vintage stuff, flea market stuff -Up cycled! -Stuff I found in the alley.

and guys beige it’s not just about breaking people of a color it’s about a Mentality it’s about being stuck in a rut being just drab and having your outer world not Reflecting the life and the personality that you have inside Speaking of lively wonderful humans let’s check out our lady for the day Hi, I’m Christine, and I’m going to show you why I need some help I just haven’t had the time to do anything to our master bedroom So it’s pretty much bare as you can see I love you guys, and it would be such a great honor if you were to help us Oh my gosh wow, guess what color we’re gonna use to break her of her beige mmmm.

.. beige. Yass What no where not using beige. Yeah. How did you guess? We’re using beige? Yeah, no for real guys We are gonna use a beige to break her of our beige, because I’m all about this design being neutral and I’m all about this design showing you that neutrals can be beautiful and textural and Stimulating and calming, but they’re still beige and neutral you know be just like grey and neutrals and creams Etc Nothing crazy because we want it to be peaceful for her.

Okay. Imma put on my peaceful hat. We’re breaking beige with beige subscribe Yaaaaaaaas. Dead end. Dead end. What am I doing, how do I get out of here? It’s a maze Do you see anything behind me? I mean I see things, but no humans or small animals.

This is a big truck. Eh let’s do it Breaking beige! Woo! Hey! Hi! Hey! Hello! Hey, welcome to my home Christine, right? Yeah Are you excited? Yes I’m very excited Show us your space! Yay! So this is the room My gosh.

But the ceilings are really high! Thank you We always ask our breaking beige participants for some inspiration images so I can make sure to cater the design to their personal taste and Christine sent me all images of rooms that had a neutral palette so the challenge today is Breaking beige with more beige by bringing in contrast and design complexity mostly through accessories since the bed and dresser are already in great shape Whoa that is a big TV?! I know! My gosh those photos are so cute.

Is that your daughter. Yes? That’s my daughter, and that’s you in the photo Yes, that is me in the photo. With short hair? With short hair. that was after Chemo, and in remission, so my hair was starting to grow back.

Beautiful! Oh, well it looks good. You look good both ways. Thank you! Yeah, I was diagnosed at Christmas 2013 so all of 2014 I was in and out of the hospital. She was two, so but Oh my gosh I’m gonna cr- But yay, you’re in remission now, so that’s great! Yes, life is good.

My whole goal is to kind of get my life back together We’re gonna celebrate the family time that you have here So you spend time in here, obviously you sleep in here and does your daughter’s sleep in bed with you.

Yeah she does, it’s big enough bed. Why not? Normally this is where we go okay. Take everything take everything out, but you have a beautiful bed. And you have a beautiful dresser So we’re really bringing in things so we should kind of like maybe move stuff off the wall Move stuff off the walls.

We’re Gonna use those photos, but I have a plan for those photos. Perfect! So let’s put them someplace safe this is the 200th Annual beige of Beige on Beige Awards I would like to discuss the fact that you have gray walls.

It’s a nice gray. It is a nice gray It’s like a medium tone right and your bed is like a medium beige so you’re like medium Everywhere right now, so because we’re gonna stick with kind of a neutral color palette for you But our exercise with this room is making beige Beautiful.

Yeah We’re not about to like neon-ify your room, or are we? Hey, ready, you can oh my gosh. It’s white. So no more great grey. Super Wild I know. This is actually called Swiss colony, so I guess it’s like if you put a lot of creamer in your coffee.

And oh my God. I love this gray. This dark, dark gray No I love this gray. So you you see what I- Okay good So we got the light and the dark so we’re just gonna do the dark behind your bed Oh, so one wall basically like an accent wall right and then we have some other Textural beautiful things planned Ready for the catch? What’s the catch? We’re doing it all splatter paint.

Oh my God that is really? No! Joey’s just being annoying! She was so down All right, well you know what Joey just loves painting so much I think it’s time that we leave him with his favorite pastime. Christine you ready for another project? Yes, I am.

Next time you see it. Next time you see it hopefully it won’t be covered in plastic. Oh my gosh That’s not the look we’re going for now the real work starts so you had These already framed. What I want to do is because the whole goal is to bring in some like peaceful contrast and kind of give you like Cohesion and a story because I feel like when there’s a consistent design story around a room It’s peaceful because it’s like it makes sense.

I just got these like basic Black frames with white mats. The other frames you had didn’t have any mats and these are such awesome pictures I feel like they deserve mats But what I thought would be a really cool project is to create our own Pattern on the mats something that people don’t usually do is draw on the mats.

Yeah, I wouldn’t have thought of that No, you’re right. It’s gonna be really easy. It’s basically gonna be taking a straight edge and just doing like all kinds of diagonal Geometric lines, we’re gonna finally get these adorable photos on the wall and off the floor And I love this project because it’s literally something Anyone can do and it’s also fun to be able to look at something on your wall And know that you’ve added your personal touch to it and the cool geometric lines will just help reinforce our neutral minimalist But still creative vibe that we have going on in this space.

That looks so cool Thank you. Like we could sell these. So I’m gonna leave this on a side and you’ll get to the third one I’m gonna go upstairs and just you know decorate your master bedroom and no peeking upstairs Bye! Love you bye! It is time for the design snapshot where I show you creative weirdos a sneak peek into the design elements that I plan to bring into the space.

I’m going to use this lick squared designer pack of Greyscale Sand-Dunes as the jumping-off point to bring in other black white and metallic and neutral accessory We’re establishing a very peaceful elegance in this room.

Can you see it? Now it’s time to share this on Snapchat, and instastory I know you are following me by now my username is in the description. That’s okay. Go follow now So sweaty. Okay, so we’ve got our walls painted easy-peasy And now we’re gonna add some nice simple touches to the room.

Just elevate it to the next level We’re placing a cool vintage looking fan with some wood blades to help mix up the styles going on in the space and give it A more decorated touch and on the food window she’s already have these Blackout Roller shades so we’re just gonna frame that window out with a cool industrial Rod and Da-da-da-da.

.. Curtains! This is the designer pack that I think is just so perfect for this room. Neutral but so Textured and complex you know Blank the window yeah, and do two and two so this is a whole like symmetrical story that’s happening here I’m gonna get these acrylic prints up on the wall a good tip when hanging things is to start with a smaller drill bit first To determine if you’re going into wood or drywall if it’s wood, you’ll feel a little resistance as you’re trying to drill You should also see some wood come out with your bit if you don’t get any resistance or wood then you know you’re in drywall And that means it’s time to use an anchor with your screws Oh my gosh, christ, tags *French accent* Consumerism! Macrame! You are, so soft you are So creamy and you’ll go on this hole like this.

I am spitting I wanna put something larger scale above her bed But I don’t want to do artwork since we already have plenty of that going on in here So I’m going to use a macrame wall weaving and I’m just sliding this onto a natural wood dowel Rod that we got at the hardware store.

This wants to go… Okay so I’m taking this all the way to the ceiling, right? Joey, look at this. It is like the cutest Recliner you’ve ever seen. Wow! Okay, where do you want this right center? right am I center? There’s like so many colors and shades of grey in here and beige that it’s like very colorful Yes, Joey Stimulating for us all cause six five quatros? Sure five quarters of pizza.

Just look. With breaking Beige with breige breaking beige with beige. With breige? Breaking beige with beige. I like breige. Breaking beige with beige. Hey breaking beige with beige *Joey chants* bleige Breaking beige with beige.

It’s something to flip breaking beige with beige. Gonna juggle really dangerous things Joey! watch the art! Can you just… extract Extracting We’re bringing back in her beautiful dresser that she already had cos if it ain’t broke don’t replace it.

Oh !Oh, oh! You okay? Yeah? I saw that point go right into your… cabeza. Yeah me to you. I don’t… You to me. I don’t do that You have stuff to put on this? Do I?! So you creative weirdos know I love using hand-lettered art in my designs.

It just adds a personal touch I’m gonna use one of the maps that we’ve already made, and inside I’m writing queen of Peace because Caiden has been Christine’s queen of Peace through her tough journey over the last two years and now it’s just going to be all Happy healthy Vibes from here on out.

So Caiden are you excited? Yes? What color do you think our rooms gonna be? Red! Red? Well I’m hoping it’s gonna be a room that I can fall asleep Really easily, and I hope it’s nice and calming that’s what mommy’s hoping for Okay keep your eyes closed! Keep your eyes closed! Keep walking forward.

All right, we’re gonna count to three and you’re gonna open your eyes and look all around. Are you ready? Oh my gosh! One… Two… Three Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! It looks so beautiful. Yay! I’m glad you like it! It looks so nice! I would have never thought my room would look like this It’s your bedroom yeah! Remember these pictures of you? You’re the queen of peace The peaceful queen.

Because this is where the relaxing queen sleeps. You guys we got you a recliner chair that you guys can read books in This is so beautiful. This is your dresser! I know I love how your noticing it in an entirely new light And it looks, it Just looks so bright, it looks so different.

Right and it’s so big! We really maximize. I love this I really do. Isn’t that great? a moment of softness because you have such amazing high ceilings in here And so we’re really highlighting that. And my curtains touch the floor.

Yeeeeees And they even do a little bend at the knees and we also got you this really awesome artwork So there’s a really famous photographer named Peter lik who started this company called lick square where basically we can get like Galleries quality prints from so we got you those their dunes they’re peaceful It’s the whole story of textures.

Isn’t it crazy that in this whole room There’s so much gray and beige, but it looks so colorful. Yeah. Yeah, what’s your favorite part of the room? What do you think? The new fan? Oh my god i didn’t even notice that fan! Something a little more old school, like vintage vibes and bringing in the wood tones.

I just never would have thought it would look like this. Oh I’m so, I know it’s so glamorous Well it was lovely meeting both of you! Thank you so much! Bye! Can I have a hug? Bye Caden, can I have a hug? Enjoy peaceful queens.

We’ll see our way out Bye, thank you! You can stay in here That’s all she wants to do Ohhhh Good job as always. Wow! Such an emotional day! Such an emotional day She’s great. They’re great. So great! Oh my gosh, so cute, and that was a great exercise in taking a neutral palette, keeping it kind of neutral, but making it just like much more designed And have a vibe.

Elevated. Taking like neutral colors. I’m just celebrating it by adding texture and contrast yeah Yeah, we broke beige with beige guys guys. What do you think thumbs up if you liked it? Yes comments. Let us know you thought yeah, make sure and subscribe duh because You never know These guys may just show up on your doorstep This guy and this guy yeah breaking beige This is how we hide the director and the sound man in the back rack folded in half A pillow what do you think this is an interior design show? You want a pillow?