these are the times when I wished I had a bigger shop or a front vice. So I made these pockets to fit the hinges here. the next step is to paint these doors white. We will use a DIY chalk paint for it if you’re interested in it I link a video here So I built that shoe shelf a year ago from an old shelf I found in the trash, but actually I never finished it it.

It was always the plan to use these doors I also found in the trash – actually I used similar doors in glass cabinet built last year – and the problem was with this doors that actually the width of two of these doors was not enough for that shelf.

So I added on the side wood pieces but also in the middle the problem here was that I attached it to the shelf. It looked good but it was really not practical. So now since I removed it I can now attach it to one of the doors it will look the same but actually it will be more practical you can actually reach every spot in the shelf.

So it’s getting actually quite late and above here the old woman living who is probably in bed now so this hammering is too loud. Instead I will press these nails in. At this point we are basically done.

I put in all the books but actually there’s a problem. These doors here are totally in square but the other part isn’t so basically the whole thing is shifted to left so that the door here touching the rest of the shelf and this door is touching the shelf here.

So it is quite hard for this door to open it. So I will sand down the doors that they are basically out of square but fit the shelf and then I will add magnets to the door so that they keep shut. But before I start with that: thank you for watching and if you like videos like this please subscribe!