hi guys it’s Becca here at the carriage house and welcome back to another video or welcome if you are new here today’s video is all about fall places like kirklands Michaels Hobby Lobby all have their fall decor out right now at least where I am so I couldn’t help myself I had to go look and take a peek and see what they they had so I ended up picking up some really adorable farmhouse type of fall things at this at the store and I’m going to show you but first I wanted to take you on a little tour of the places that I went and so that way you can see what’s in store for fall 2019 the clock ticking I don’t know what I should do and I wish you be right here with me my mind’s filled with pictures of when we use the dance but now I done where you are I miss you so bad won’t you come back to me I’ve got you in my head you’re all that I see I’ve lost all my chances I know that I am too late I’m sinking ha I’m thinking of you wondering if you’re thinking about me too now it’s too late Oh I was on your you Oh Oh tell me why we have to try Oh and motion you I hope you enjoy the little tour and I hope you like the music and everything but okay something I go ahead and show you guys what I got and kind of what some store for the carriage house as small as far as decorating I think I’m gonna go for this this black and white kind of farmhouse theme I’m usually a very traditional type of decorator when it comes to like fall and Christmas and things like that but I think I’m gonna go for the black and white theme and this just reminds me of kind of like a fall on the farm type look and I saw it out last year and I thought about doing it but I think I’m gonna do it this year so I did get the little pumpkins I love these things a little pillow type pumpkins got those and then I got a bigger kind of a bigger one too I’ve got that one and then this one and then I ended up getting these little fillers here and then I decided and this is Hobby Lobby oh by the way I’m not sure if I said that but just is Hobby Lobby and I got these little leaf cutouts that I’ll decorate with and little pumpkin here so definitely the pole black and white farmhouse paintings I hope you guys like this cuz the whole that decorate with me this fall is going to be kind of this whole thing which I am going to be decorating early this year because for one thing I am nesting so I probably don’t have to say anything more about that but opposite I am due in October mid October so I want to make sure to get the house ready I’m not too too tired because y’all know at least I know most of y’all know this last trimester is is you know especially during the summer it can make you really tired so I want to make sure I’ve got that energy to decorate but I want to do it too early because it’s really hot out right now it’s mid July’s I think it’s a little too early but I’m thinking like mid August or so you guys let me know that’s a little too early but okay so and I got this little little blessed pumpkin you’re kind of just small grade and white 7 or kind of gray black and white and then I did just try to give this little pillow cover just to kind of connect everything in the living room because this stuff will probably all go in the living room and then the last thing a Hobby Lobby I got it’s just a little fall board here I might go in with a little bit of black and white to that gingham ribbon and tie it up here just to kind of tie everything in but we’ll see so so there’s that and then I didn’t end up getting anything at Michael’s but I did get a couple things that Kirkland’s just two more things you know how it is you want to get so much but then you also have to budget and not spend too much and not buy to see much I have a lot of stuff from last year that time okay so that kirklands I did end up getting this welcome sign and again I’ll probably get a little bit of the black and white gingham ribbon and maybe tie it up there we’ll see I love all the white pumpkins I just don’t know it’s kind of classy looking and two more things I did at kirklands get this I love these signs or organic pumpkins and then they have the Farmers Market one too as you saw it’s black with with white text so okay and the last thing here’s Merlin my cat he’s like sitting on camera I miss the time okay last thing was this thankful sign and this was at Kirkland and it has a little thing here so or you can stand it up if you wanted like a picture frame but it has the black and white and this one the prices weren’t too bad now this one was 1690 now it’s kind of expensive these are only $12.

99 but I thought Hobby Lobby has some really I think their prices were pretty good especially if you get you know if you have a coupon and everything okay so that is all for this fall haul y’all mm-hmm confusing so let me know what you guys think about the whole black and white I kind of fall on the farm theme this year I will incorporate some orange to you but let me know what you think I was just really drawn to it this year and you guys can let me know too what kind of what you’re gonna be doing this year as well alright so I better go and thank you so much for watching and thanks so much for watching and if you’re interested in more videos then make sure you’re subscribed and you hit the notification bell because especially with the baby coming along the way I may be trying to post a little bit more just to kind of get ahead because I have lots of energy right now which may change later but if you’re interested in seeing more fall videos and fall decorating and all that most of those probably will be posted on Monday night but they might I might have to get them in throughout the week too but I also been doing a lot of cleaning videos lately so I will leave all those links down below in the description box and thank you so much for stopping by if you’re new here we’re so glad you stopped by and I hope you have a wonderful day or morning or night but I hope to see my next video bye