Hello, how is everyone doing Today I’m going to be doing some eco-sustainable Daily life friendly DIYs for you just sharing a couple of ideas that I have been doing that I think are feasible and helpful, baby steps towards taking better care of the environment; and I’m going to be doing that with the help of BUNZ.

BUNZ, is an app that you can post things that you own online and look for other things that other people have, and you can trade your stuff. Feel like if you’ve been watching my videos you see me talk about this a lot, but here is the BUNZ app, and On it You can browse through the things that other people have and see if anyone’s in your area.

So you can trade basically Helping your items to not hit the garbage and enjoy a second, third, fourth, fifth life, Before they meet their time. I’m picking up a wire basket that someone posted, so I’m just gonna go grab that and I’ll be back, and then we’re gonna do some DIY’s.

It’s me, Wendy, but from the future?-and it’s complicated, but I’m here because There’s some things that Wendy just threw in the garbage, that should not be in the garbage and I’m just gonna fix this whole situation.

This was important and I had to come back in the past to do this. Now I know we should be talking about the fact that I just time-traveled but sustainability is even more important So we’re just gonna skip to that.

Okay, this was not garbage, but she put it in the recycling She also threw this in the recycling which did not need to go into recycling and this was also in the recycling The candle jar. These are the three items that I’ve come here to save.

First, we were going to turn on the kettle Okay next up Plastic spray bottle does not need to go into the garbage. We need to take off the tags and then clean the whole thing out Next glass jars similarly get the stickers off And I’m going to do that using some- I’m pretty sure she had some expired oils that I could use.

.. She didn’t throw those out. Some borax or baking soda and you can get all the sticky substance off Yep, best before February 2019. Remove sticker, but it still has a residue and a bit of a… Sticky surface, we’re gonna try to get that off with the oil, And.

.. Some borax. Okay, and lastly candles. Whenever it’s a decent-looking container like this perfectly good glass jar I’m going to clean out all the wax and the leftover wick, Gonna get rid of the stickers as well and then show you how useful it is without being thrown into the garbage We took all the labels off of this glass cleaner, cleared out all the wax, the leftover wick, and the sticker from this and now this is just a pretty amber bottle look at these amber glass bottles with the lid with the plastic bottle or you could do this with a glass bottle that Has a spray nozzle.

We’re just going to make some easy natural cleaner to do that we’re gonna need Vinegar, some tea tree oil. I found her measuring cup and Some water. With those we’re gonna mix half a cup of vinegar with two cups of water, Ten drops of tea tree oil, shake, and it’s ready to go.

Okay regarding the bottles, you can Get replacement heads for these that get rid of the regular cap and put on a spray cap or a pump cap That way it’s good for soap. It’s also good for cleaning. But in this case when you already had a lot of punk Yeah going on, but she’s always looking for places to store Flowers, so I’m just gonna leave this here for her Hopefully she appreciates it.

It’s good to take care of yourself! And I’m gonna store the cap in an easy to find place so that if she ever decides That she needs it all back together again, she can find it…hopefully. 🙂 For the glass, This is a prime example of why I become a person who, not only by his candles just for how they smell and the quality of the ingredients as they burn but also the container of the candle Now, I just don’t buy any candles that come in a container that I’m not interested in because it is so easy to clean these things and you’re basically now ever ready to go drinking glass, good for storage, good for organization, good for Propagating plants and putting the little leaves in here so they can grow their new roots.

At this time, Wendy had just moved to her new place So I’m going to put a label on it, put it in your sewing area so it can help store some more things for now It’ll be organization, But later if she decides to do anything else with it, she totally can.

I think this is your first time seeing this space Hehehehe Still back for Wendy. Feeling a little 90s. So we’re gonna go with the Clippers alright the last thing that I wanted to do here as a huge favor to pass Wendy because she’s always Procrastinating this, we’re gonna make a couple of mesh bags.

Yes, they’re here! Like I thought they would be! She has this fabric left over from a project just sitting there in the storage… But yeah anything with this kind of mesh would do great. The main thing is long as these are made and ready, she will use them.

So we just gotta put in the effort to put them together. I think there’s enough here to make four Let’s cut it up. Alright I’m gonna go with making two. Remember there I really did forget where I put this thing It’s basically a rectangle folded in half, so I’m going to sew along the two edges Oh, man, I ran out of bobbin thread.

.. you come from the future and still not know anything! Tada! Finished mesh bag. You can probably flip it inside out. Oh, yes This looks so ready for Fruits and veggies, I’m gonna stash him in her grocery tote bag so that she can’t forget them Be right back! It’s a real pleasure seeing you, but I think it’s time to go.

Until next time! Who touched my sewing stuff?! Did something happen while I wasn’t here? Weird… Also who spells clips that way?