Sliding closet door open. Removing old closet doors Scoring a line between the wall and old casing. so before I get too far out of the projects I wanted to take out all the hardware first to see what it requires as far as spacing and measurements and all that stuff because I think with a project like this you need to build around the hardware now before I started cutting the frame for the door and locked up this contraption here using some two-bys some plywood and the hardware for the barn door I want to make sure one that the thickness of the door was going to be good which was going to be to buy but I also more importantly one to test that I was going to build the frame to the right length of the door so I built this in a way where I could adjust the height of the door and if it was too short I could just turn these little screws here and slide this down this little slot that I made with a router in the end I found my final height for the door and then I went to cutting the frame now I want to give the paneling on the doors a bit of a tongue-and-groove kind of look without actually going through the hassle of building the tongue-and-groove boards so I’m gonna use plywood here I’m gonna give my table saw to cut some shallow grooves into it and it’ll look just like tongue and groove via the door though I want to touch upon something if you run into problems when you’re assembling the door specifically if the plywood panels aren’t fitting in to these grooves now there’s the ways you can correct this you can run the table saw you can rip through these grooves one more time just to widen up this groove and that’s going to allow the plywood to fit I also recommend while you’re doing this take a small piece of plywood that’s the same thickness as the plywood you’re using for the panel’s of the door and you just take this small piece and run it through the groove and see if you’re running into any tight spots now when you’re using a table saw with this method that’s just gonna be kind of the nature of it where it’s not going to be a perfect straight long cut especially on these long boards you’re gonna get a more consistent with if you’re using the say like a router and you’re just going through the long ports of the board here there anyway if if you can’t run the table saw through this to rip these these slots even wider what I’m doing here because I’m running into the same problem is I’m just marking out where it’s a little tight on this groove here and I’m using a chisel and just making small little kind of cuts in there to widen up the groove anyway that will make assembly a lot easier all right this next parts a little tough to just do with masking tape and music so I got to kind of tell you what I’m doing here but the last thing to do is cut a little channel or a groove at the bottom of the doors so it’ll fit this little guide this little metal guide that will help keep the door a line as it slides back and forth and this keeps it from bumping into the wall or getting pushed out too far so to do this I need to remove the hardware from the top of the door flip it upside down I’m going to prop it up against my ladder and then I’ve made a little jig here for my circular saw so I can run it in a straight line across the bottom of the door now the width of the metal guide is actually a little wider than my saw blade so I actually have to make two passes I’m gonna do one pass with the jig and then I’m gonna put quarters just to kind of wedge the guide a little bit further out and make another pass with my circular saw so that should allow the channel or the groove to be wide enough for the little metal guide to pass through oh yeah one of the thing is I had to remove the bottom very bottom pocket screws on the door that way wasn’t sawing through them and then I just put them back in after the groove was cut let me know if you’ve got a different method on how to put this groove on the bottom of the door it’s the most effective method I could think of with the jig in the circular saw and the quarters yeah leave your comments below for step-by-step instructions go to gadget Chang crane dot-com