For the first project, you will need the wood blocks, you must start gluing them forming rows This type of rules helps me to get my blocks stuck right The rows of blocks that we are hitting, some will be longer than others, either in groups of three or two blocks stuck together In total, you must have two rows of two blocks and six rows of three blocks attached From there, you must begin to locate them as you wish to paste them later, the rows of two blocks must go one at each end Once they are all stuck together, this is how they would look.

I decided to create two more of these pieces of wood Now, with wood paint in ESPRESSO color, I’m going to paint all the pieces of wood and the edges too Then with a napkin you should remove all the excess paint, and this is how it would look once it is dried Now I’m going to be using these wood cuts outs that come two for each design of these that are nautical style For this project I’m just going to need one of each style and I’m going to paint them with my Waverly chalk paint in white Once they are dry, with my painting in Khaki color I will create a distress look for each nautical piece And once they have all dried, you can begin to stick them to your pieces of wood blocks To hang it on the wall, stick a piece of rope with hot glue and a tape duty to make sure they do not get out And finally, that’s how the result of the first project would look like.

I love how rustic it looks For our second beautiful and simple project, you will need two glass containers, mine are reused from last year With a rope, you should give approximately four turns to your glass container and stick it with hot glue at each end I’m going to use a Dollar Tree snail and I’m going to stick it on the junction of the ropes that we stick in the glass container Now I’m going to use this reused candle holder from another project.

It seemed perfect for the colors and the rope that I had I’m going to stick one of the containers on the top with hot glue or paste E6000 for greater durability Then, I wanted to put stones inside each container to fill them a little .

.. …and finally, put a candle to each one And this would be the final result of the second project, it is extremely easy to do and I love it For the third and final project, I’m going to reuse a hard folder from an old book that I already had I’m just going to need one of the sides of the folder so you should cut and verify that the edge is straight Then I will use my Waverly chalk paint in AGAVE color and give a paint coat to my whole painting Once it’s dried, I’m going to use this fishing net decor You must place it and fit it in your painting, once you like it as it looks, you must turn it and paste all the bits of fishing net to the sign The truth is that for this sign you only need a little fish net decor, so you can reuse the rest for many other projects The next step would be to attach nautical rope to the whole edge of the sign on the top At the ends, you must put hot glue to prevent the rope from going away I found out that I had to hit another rope edge to avoid seeing the edges of the sign, so that’s what I did At the corner where the ropes meet, it does not always look good, so I made a rope tie to cover it I will use fire on the rope to give it a beautiful color, texture and finish For the moment, that’s how you should be seeing the sign and the rope To decorate the center of the sign I had the idea that they could use these giant plastic snails but .

.. … I wanted to use this starfish, I have it since last year, it came out very cheap in TJMAX You just must put hot glue on it and paste it in the center of the sign and that’s how the third finished project would look I like the result very much of all and they are very cheap and easy to make Let me know in the comments which was your favorite and remember to follow me in my social medias, Instagram and Facebook