To begin the project, you will need the wooden blocks and start forming what looks like a capital letter I I really like to use this type of L-shaped rule because they help my blocks stick together much more rights To stick the blocks, you can use glue for wood is stronger hit, but for things quickly in my video, just use hot glue that also works Once you have stuck the blocks, you must add one more block to each end And that’s how you should be looking at the first piece of the project Then you must make another piece that is equal I’m going to place two more blocks on each end of one of the pieces of wood blocks so that the planter box is wider Once you have stuck the blocks on the ends, you can join the other piece of blocks I’m going to use Walmart’s giant popsicle sticks, I’m going to measure the width of the planter box and cut the popsicle sticks To then paste four pieces of popsicle stick and create a base for the flowers that you place Once you have finished making your planter box, I will measure the length, which is approximately a little more than 5 inches I’m going to use a large Dollar Tree popsicle stick, measure, mark and cut the same length as the planter box This is what the popsicle stick would look like to the right extent.

You must do the same with two others to have a total of 3 You will need another three-popsicle stick that are in their normal size and place them vertically And popsicle sticks that already cut, you must place horizontally You are going to form a small window that has a space free of the popsicle sticks at the bottom Once you are sure of how you want the popsicle sticks, you can start to paste them using hot glue As I said, I’m going to try to form a little window and that’s what it would look like And then you just must paste it in the back of the planter box Once pasted, this is what the window planter box would look like To give a little color, I will use the color burnt umber, I apply little color to the brush to create a distress look And as always, I will focus on painting the edges of the piece we are painting I love creating the distressed look in this color, but you could do it in the color you prefer You must paint the entire window planter box using the distress look technique And that’s how it would be looking once the paint dries I decided to stick a rope tie on the window because it gives a nice touch To fill the planter box, I will use Spanish moss and lights from the Dollar Tree The lights are not necessary, just that I wanted to give a nice touch of lighting And what I’m going to do is put them around the moss I wanted to put succulents because I’m obsessed with them, I have many at home and I’m reusing them But you can also place flowers or whatever is more budget friendly for you And I also wanted to put greenery to fill in the space left between the succulents I think that the greenery gives a very nice touch to the project My love, this would be the result of our project, I love it, it’s very cheap and easy to do! Remember to follow me on my social medias, Instagram and Facebook that I leave on screen and in the description of the video