hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my channel for today’s video I’m very excited to do something a little bit different I am in my new apartment and I’ve been decorating for like the past nine months it’s pretty much complete so there definitely will be and a perfect tour this summer but I wanted to do some vintage inspired DIYs for my place and thought i’d film them and hopefully you guys like this video for me and it’s not too random we have some wall art i diy’d my lamps but I think it turned out really cute and then a memory box slash display box idea as well so if you enjoyed this video for me it make sure you give it a thumbs up and let me know what else you’d like to see in the comments below or what your favorite DIY was and also if you like this whole style I have going on with all these curls I do have a mini get ready with me over on my vlog Channel I do have a second channel where I do all of my travel vlogs and you kind of see it more what my everyday style is like or with them on a trip what I like to wear and how I like to do my own and makeup and hair because a lot of my content is inspired by other people so if you want to get to know me better then I do have that channel and I hope you guys will check it out and subscribe and anyways that let’s just get started with this first DIY the first vintage esque DIY is great to add some character to a blank wall you’ll need a glass frame or a couple of them I went with bronze and I got mine on sale from Anthropologie over time but I will have some similar ones a link down below and my first design was using letters from you guys and some very old letters and envelopes that I kept from Canadian friends when I briefly lived in Europe for in 2007 so I keep everything I’ve moved around and the letters did naturally fade and have some wear and tear which is great but you can always manufacture this with some crumpling teabags and if you don’t have letters do this with some friends you can each write each other one and then another cute touch is adding postage stickers which I found on Etsy I plan the collage and I folded the letters to fit the shape so I’m not destroying anything that I might want to reopen later and I’m using double sided tape just sticking each one down you don’t need a ton of tape as the layers of glass will wedge these in place but it’s nice to have a little bit more security with the design here i go added in some stickers and a big thank you to everyone who’s ever sent me a letter when I had a peel box in Canada I love them wanted to display them and will keep them forever first idea super quick and easy and for the next frame I have this Paris postcards from papyrus and I’m looking through to see which one has similar tones to the letters I picked out I use quite a bit of pink so I added this postcard that has some pink in the sky I wanted more see-through with this frame and I went with dried flowers that I ordered from Etsy you could use paper flowers for Michael’s make your own dried flowers I’m picking these up very gently and creating a border around the circular frame and this frame is a broken one so again if the glass can be wedged tight enough you don’t really need adhesive but this one I definitely did so I use tiny amounts of garlic glue dotted under thicker portions of the dried flowers and then I’m Grillin gluing the broken part of the frame so far it’s held up for me if you have a broken frame or one you’ve drifted that’s just you know not the most secure adding some gorilla glue and making sure to apply pressure for a minute it’s really gonna make the DIY last using the gorilla glue under the flowers does make it a bit cloudy in that area but I honestly really liked the look and yeah I thought it added something kind of different to it the last one I wanted to do a Polaroid inspired so I have this phone app called instance and I imported old photos I had from 2007 in Paris and Italy with my family to fit the traveleurope theme going on you can see how easy this app is to have a faux Polaroid filter and beams of light and then I just sent them to CVS to print and cut them out finally I hand wrote the timeframe of each picture and then to tie the three frames together I added pieces from the other two frames and there we have it let me know which of the frames is your favorite I think the Paris postcard and floral frame is the prettiest but the other two have more sentimental value so I love all three together next up a memory box I totally wanted to make one of these because Disney movies glorify these oh my god especially in the movie geek charming which is one of my favorites if you guys haven’t seen that movie it’s great and I always wanted to make a box but thankfully no one has passed away in my family so I’m making my own memories that could maybe be passed down or just a core in your room to highlight your fav memories I got this wedding dress preserving box there’s probably a better name for these but Amazon is great to find them and also Michaels you can get crates for cheaper too and I’m starting with a double sided tape again putting down some tissue paper as a bit of a border and then I added my favorite dress that I wore in my favorite place I’ve ever traveled to Croatia I do have a full log of that experience if you want to see it Dubrovnik and I added three super cute love letters for my first ever boyfriend so I’ll always keep those they’re the sweetest and I’m just adding some cord around them I love getting photos printed but I’m a little too lazy to make scrapbook or like a photo album so I’m using a notebook from chapters or Barnes and Noble and I took the spiral journal out and I’m putting these photos so that they are protected I wrote a little letter to self not like a dear future me but just a line detailing why I put in each memory and also cents can be so nostalgic I love the scent maple blondie from a small Canadian brand so just in case they don’t make these years from now I’ll have a reminder and then adding some photos and a face chart from the first sponsorship I ever did with covergirl and flare mag I took this green striped ribbon you love the texture and vintage look to it and then some lace I didn’t end up using the brown ribbon on-screen but that’s another really pretty shade to make this with I never liked how this lampshade had such a crease so I’m with glue gunning the striped ribbon then overtop the lace make sure you wrap to the inside so it stays put on the bottom I hot-glued the ribbon around the base and once it was on there I adjusted it so that it’s sit nice create a bow I bought this ribbon because of the movie a little princess one of my all-time favorites and their bows on their hair and looked super similar I always like to make things that remind me of my other favorite things and glue that medium-sized bow add a button or a stamp you can get these from papyrus and then I’m creating mini bows I didn’t even truly make a bow for these little ones I found it look neater to tie a knot and then loop and glue at the back and then I added a stamp on the last bow as well and I already have a lot going on in this corner so I didn’t want to go too overboard but bring in a special touch so here’s a look at the corner of my room I hope you enjoyed this DIY room or apartment tech or home decor you should call like and if you did make sure you give this video a thumbs up and subscribe for more typically beauty content from me but if you guys did like this video then of course let me know in the comments and I can come up with some more ideas to share also one more thing I wanted to let you guys know about so when I got this bed frame it did have silver little duh what if that was called bullet things and I really liked gold accents and that’s pretty much my whole place so I just got a pen from Michael’s and then literally like colored just a little circle and it worked really well so I will have that product link down below as well as everything else listed I’ll try to find some similar items for you guys but you can find most of it at a craft store and this was a lot of fun so um yeah I think that’s all for me but check out my blog channel if you want to see more from me and thumbs up subscribe all that jazz I will see you guys in my next tutorial which is a Lucy Hale video and I think you guys are really gonna like it I have this cute short bob and make up kind of similar this so yeah get excited and I’ll see you my next one!