Hi guys! My bedroom currently has no end tables. My plan is to buy some IKEA end tables and transform them into “Indian Inlay” tables. If you haven’t seen some of these beautiful works of art, I am going to put them in the video.

They’re amazing! To be the owner of one of these, it costs 800 dollars for shipping, and/or go to India and purchase it yourself. The shipping is expensive, so my plan is to transform IKEA furniture.

Transform the IKEA furniture into a work of art that I can put in my room. I was looking at end tables (hundreds of end tables) and none of them had what I was looking for. I was looking for an end table that had rounded corners.

In Feng Shui, If you look up some Fung Shui principles, it is nice to have no pointed corners in your bedroom. If you have any furniture that has pointed corners it subconsciously creates a feeling of unease.

You could just be walking and hit your leg on the corner and that hurts. If you have rounded corners, it creates a friendlier environment. If I get something at IKEA that is solid wood, I could round out the corners myself.

I could paint it the color I want and put the design on it that I want. Fung Shui principles say that the colors in the bedroom should be the colors of skin. Those are the colors you should have in your bedroom to feel a sense of tranquility.

I wanted to experiment with that to see if it works out or not. I am going to do this project and see if it works. You can order the stencils online. I’ll put a list of the supplies used in the description.

I made these edges curved with the hand sander. I’ve assembled the IKEA table and now we’re ready to paint! This is the color I made at Sherwin-Williams. It is a custom color. You can ask them to customize the color if you want to make your own color.

I put pink and brown into it. Let’s see what it looks like on the wood. According to Feng Shui principles, it’s better to have rounded furniture in your bedroom, because subconsciously- any kind of pointed corners makes your body feel like it should be on alert.

First I painted it right-side up, and then I turned it upside down and painted it upside down. There’s a number of areas missing paint, and I want to make sure to finish everything. I finished painting part of it.

I’m very excited about this color. There’s tape there because I didn’t want the inside of the drawer to get pink. I have the idea to carve a flower out of the door handles. I’ve never done anything like that before.

I have to go with the grain of the wood because these rings are difficult to cut into. It has to be this softer area. Using the fine point. Starting the second one. I am going to paint them white. On the website they recommend using a stencil roller.

I got a stencil brush which is to fill in the holes on the stencil. I want to show you guys some of the mistakes that I made. If you’re trying this, you won’t do the same thing. The directions say to use spray adhesive.

I thought about trying to tape down the stencils and see what happened. I did a little test on a piece of cardboard with the stencil. You can see that it turned out pretty cool. There’s so much bleed.

Before I try this on the actual wood, I need to buy some spray adhesive. Then I went to Home Depot. I got this general-purpose “spray adhesive 45”. It’s photo safe and for plastics, paper, and cardstock.

I thought, “This is spray adhesive, I’ll try this”. I tried it, and it leaves a sticky residue on the stencil and on the surface of the other thing. Don’t use this. I went to the craft store and I got this spray adhesive specifically for stencils The important thing is that it’s repositionable.

It has to say repositionable. This is what you need to use, because it doesn’t leave the sticky residue on the surface that you’re stenciling. Get some spray adhesive from a craft store and avoid home depot.

I sprayed the stencil. and then the wind blew. The stencil went flying and it got dirt on it. Then it was a sticky dirty sandy thing. These are the mistakes that I made. This is how I want to position it.

There’s the door knob handle. Here is the center of the flower. When we have this in there, it will look nice. I have to measure these sides to find the center. This is the center. Spray the stencil. Wait for glue to fully dry.

Go to the marks to find the center. We find our lines, and make sure it lines up. I am using a sponge, but any brush works. Even though you have a stencil that basically gives you the form that you need, you still need to measure and calculate where you’re going to place the stencil.

Here I’ve added a border around the stencil and I’ve created it with this corner here. I’ve added this space. I measured one millimeter. Measure out where you’re going to put your design. Wear a cheap shirt and some pants that you don’t mind getting paint on.

That way it’s more carefree. I’m thinking about my design. Where to take the edge? Here it’s rounded so think about how to fill in the spaces. I’ve also looked at a whole bunch of pictures of Indian inlay furniture on the internet to get some ideas.

I reversed the order of this wood stain, and the paint that I’m using. I really wanted to have this white look, and with the wood stain on top, even though I wiped it off, it still looked “pinkish colored” over the white.

I decided to flip it. This was an error. The white paint does not do well on top of the wood stain. I’m still able to do the stencil, but I have to put lots of layers of white paint for the white layer to stay.

Now that I’ve painted the bed tables and the project is finished, I really enjoyed doing the project and I was thinking of doing it again now that I have the techniques. I know exactly what supplies I should use and which order I should put the paint.

Get something that cleans your stencils. After painting and spraying the stencils with glue, were very gunky and water with soap did not work. Then you can use your stencil over and over and over again.

I ended up using many different kinds of brushes. You can use the Roll brush, but to get some nice detail you can use a regular painters brush. I definitely want to do this project again, because now that I know how to do it, I can go faster and I can make something nicer.

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