How to Make Easy Paper Wreath You can make this paper wreath for wall decoration or Christmas Decoration Things You Need… Glossy Paper, Color Paper, Pencil, Scissors, Adhesive, Scale Color Paper, Cutter, Craft Wire, Thermocol balls, Glitter Take a cardboard and cut this into circular shape of the given diameter.

Take a color sheet and fold it as shown. Now make the markings as shown and cut it. We need the same size cut outs in both the color and the glossy sheet. Take a color sheet and fold it in the shape of a cone as shown.

Repeat the same process with the glossy piece as well. We need 42 cones of this combination. Take a color sheet and draw the outline of the circular cardboard as shown. Cut it Now cut out the inner circle using a cutter.

Now paste the cut out sheet on the cardboard. Stick another piece of sheet on the remaining portion of the cardboard. Now stick the cones alternatively on the cardboard as shown. Take the thermocol balls and paste it on the border of the inner circle.

Take the golden glitter and decorate the thermocol balls with it. Now take silver glitter and make small dots on the green cones to decorate it. Use a craft wire to hang the paper wreath on the wall as shown.

Wow!! Your beautiful wreath is now ready. You can hang it on the door for an attractive look. You can make as a DIY Christmas Decoration! Hope you have enjoyed watching this Easy Wreath Making. Thanks and Happy Crafting!!