hey guys in this video we are going to be showing you how we made this DIY platform bed please be sure to thumbs up and subscribe for more videos like these the first step to building wood furniture is to get wood we usually get our wood from Home Depot or Lowe’s but this time we went to our local lumberyard because we wanted to use untreated wood for the 4×4 posts for this project we used nine two by sixes four four by fours four two by fours eight 12-foot long one by fours two six foot long one by twos the wood was pretty rough as you can see and also had branding stamps on it so I broke on my random orbital sander and got to work with some 60 grit sandpaper there were a lot of boards so this took me quite a while next we cut the two by sixes down the side Alexis’s bed is a full bed and we based the width off of the measurements of her actual mattress we cut the inner boards of the platform two inches longer than the length of her mattress there were five total at this length too for the platform and three for the base which includes a middle board to support the bed slats next we cut two boards down to the width of the bed plus two inches these are for the base and lastly we cut the longer platform boards which were the width of the bed plus two inches plus 11 inches of overlap once the boards were cut it was time to drill the holes for the pocket screws we used to join the platform to the base we used a tool called a Kreg jig that makes using pocket screws incredibly easy I build one hole two inches from the end then one every seven inches after that next it was time to do the notches we modeled our bed after this four thousand dollar Restoration Hardware bed where the posts go through the platform this is a more complicated design than just having the base of the platform butt up to the posts Joseph marked where the notches would need to be starting from two inches from the outer edge then measuring three and a half inches which is the actual width of a four by four he used the miter saw to cut multiple slices in the wood called kerfs so he could easily break away most of the wood from the notch then he used hand chisels and sandpaper to make the cut out smooth if you choose to go with a simpler design just use a jigsaw to cut the corners out of the wood or you could use your miter saw all right now all of the pieces of the base are ready to be assembled we used glue and pocket screws to join each side of the base which rests on the floor to the top which is the platform we used clamps to hold the boards together until we were able to get the screws in there the next step is to attach the four sides of the base together but first I went through and gave all of the pieces of final sand with a 120 grit sandpaper a lot of people will say that you should go much finer than 120 grit but the bed came out plenty smooth meanwhile Joseph used some scrap 4×4 to cut corner blocks for the base we will use these to attach the four sides of the base and secure the four by four posts while Joseph was doing that I attached the 1x2s to the long side of the bed using 2×6 scraps to get it to the right height later on we’ll screw the slats that the bed rests on into these strips of wood next we use the blocks to attach the sides of the bed to each other to form one strong heavy base although we used self-drilling wood screws for this project we went ahead and pre-drilled the pilot holes to attach the wood blocks to the base because we wanted to make sure that the wood screws went in straight because you can see that we’re kind of installing them into a piece of wood that’s going at an angle and so that worked out really well and it made it really easy to get the screws in and we knew that they were going to hold and that they were in there straight afterwards we realized that we needed to add some pocket screws on the outer edge of the notch boards so we did that using the Kreg jig again that tool is just super awesome I highly recommend it and makes building so much easier next I cut the slats to size and then tested them out to make sure that they fit and with that the base of the bed is complete so stay tuned for part two of this video where we build the canopy finish the bed and install it and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button see you guys next time bye