Oh my gosh Hey lovelies. I’m Lisa and welcome to lovely [channel] so today. I am doing something a little bit different [I] decided to start doing some furniture makeover videos because my husband and I have recently bought some furniture and some of it needs to be painted differently or Reupholstered or whatever so today We’re going to be making over my entry table [if] you are new to my [channel] And you haven’t subscribed already be sure to hit [that] subscribe button because that will update you whenever I post a new video So we bought our enter table from this store called cottage charm It’s a thrift store, and [it] has become my favorite store ever where we moved I love it [so] much because they have antique vintage Furniture some of it has already been refinished and some of it hasn’t been So we bought a vanity actually it’s a French provincial vanity It was white and gold not exactly our style But we liked the shape and the design of the vanity [to] be used as our entry table It has two drawers on the sides and then it has an opening compartment in the middle where? The mirror and like your makeup would have gone if you were using it as a vanity But we probably won’t even really be using that middle compartment the first thing.

I did is clean off the entire service I just took a cloth like this And I wedded it with water and wiped it down just to remove any dust or anything then taking a screwdriver I took all the hardware off so the handles and any screws and stuff and You want to make sure to put any hardware and screws that you take off your piece and a baggie? That way you don’t have anything missing when you go to put it back on and then for paint I actually wanted to paint it black and I use the Americana Decor chalky finish paint in the color carbon This is my favorite chalk paint to use I’ve used it on a couple of other Projects, and it’s affordable which is the best part [and] it works really nicely.

[I] have a why different [colors] So if you’re looking for a good chalk paint or you’re wanting to paint some of your furniture be sure to check this out I’ll have links below On where you can buy it I love chalk paint Because it doesn’t require any prep work as long as you make sure your surface is clean you don’t have to worry about Priming or sanding nothing like that you can paint over pretty much any surface which hopping in it will stick so I Decided to paint three coats on that’s what I needed to paint in order to get in opaqueness and if you want your piece to be more sheer, where you want the original color or the [woodgrain] or whatever showing through you can always do less coats than that But three coats it was what was perfect for my piece and the way I did this I used a synthetic [paintbrush], [I] personally like this synthetic paintbrushes a little better because I find that the Bristles don’t fall out and It just seems to go on a little smoother dry paint on the chalk paint with the brush [I] then go over it with a paint sponge Roller just to smooth it out I was able to do all three coats [back-to-back] because the chalk paint does dry really fast and Each coat took me about 20 minutes or so after [I] let my paint dry for a few hours [I] took this sandpaper block you can find these at Home Depot, or you can just use [regular] old sandpaper [and] I actually went in to stress the edges of my piece You can skip this step if you don’t like Distressing or you can do more distressing than me if you really like that shabby chic look and after you’re done Sanding and distressing you’re going to want to go back with [a] cloth and wipe it off to make sure that there’s no dust particles left And then we can move on to sealing our piece with the soft touch varnish from Americana Decor They also have waxes and they have a few [other] finishes They have a matte touch varnish and or just a matte varnish, and then I think they have a satin one But I decided to go with their soft touch varnish this will help seal your piece Make sure the paint stays on and it will also waterproof And help prevent against scuffs and scratches and all that so this stuff is really durable [I] applied one coat to the entire piece so on the top surface where it’s going to get the most where I? Three coats all I used to apply.

This is another cloth like this I would [just] dip it into the varnish and I would apply it with back and Forth motions and you want to make sure that you wipe off any excess as you’re going along then you want to let that [dry] for 1 to 2 hours at minimum, and then you can go in with [some] cheesecloth you can find this at Home Depot It’s very inexpensive and you Can actually buff your piece with it this will cause your piece to become somewhat shiny It’s not going to get like glassy or anything But you’ll see it has like a little more of a sheen to it and I would like to focus on the edges when I’m buffing Because [when] the edges are more [sheen] it just kind of makes the piece pop out After I [finish] buffing my piece at that point, it’s done So I got to put it in our entryway and start decorating it and everything and this is how it turned out I’m really really happy [with] the results of our entry table.

I think it fits perfectly in our home [I] do have some other pieces that I’m working on refinishing So if you want more furniture Makeovers, please give this video a thumbs up I love you all so [much] remember to do everything in love because you are lovely you