previously on we DIY hey everybody I’m rymingtahn welcome to a Dollar Tree DIY today I’m sharing two farmhouse shabby chic projects that are perfect for your bathroom and come back tomorrow for another farmhouse decor video for the first one begin with the wall decor piece like this and you can use whatever shape you want for this part flip it over then remove the string and the sticker so this is going to be the back of the shelf now to build the Shelf I’m using a cat scratch post this is basically cardboard and you guys saw me use this technique in a previous DIY video so on the board measure from one side to the other I know it’s here but it’s fine and when you’re done it should be a perfect fit after that trace the bottom and decides for reference next to cover the board I’m doing my signature planking design using wide popsicle sticks and again this is not my idea I just copied the look of hardwood floors so I’m cutting off the ends of four sticks keeping them nice and straight so they line up evenly then I laid out the pattern for the size of the shelf glue them in place and make sure the edges are flat and of course if needed trim off the excess continue until all sides are covered leaving the backside untouched I did add additional glue to fill in any openings and I continued the same pattern for the top side this time I staggered each row when you get to the last section fit and glue like before then slowly trim off the excess pressing firmly on the stick to prevent it from splitting and for the other side I tried something different I measured it first then cut it and glued it in place I think the second one is easier I don’t know they’re both the same next I chopped up the edges of this brush so the ends were frayed and after about five minutes it looks like this I dipped it in some brown paint tapped it off a little and brushed it on the Shelf and remember if you add too much dry brush it and that will fade it out a little bit so for additional support I’m adding a beam underneath the shelf I glued together three Dollar Tree blocks and then I painted them to match the Shelf and for a little bit of dimension on the Shelf and the beam I splashed on some white paint this looks pretty awesome right I was so excited and right here I’m just adding a little bit to the beam to match the shelf maybe you can do two of these and create a shelf that will look really nice like a floating shelf or a support a shelf what it’s called all right to cover the board I use dollar tree Moss sheets and for easy cleanup place some paper underneath find the center point and then place the beam down firmly press and trace around it then cut it out after that glue down the shelf and then the beam then add a generous amount of glue and place the cut moss sheet on top and I use scrap pieces to fill in any gaps once fully covered flip it over and trim the excess next cover the top part lay out the sheets like before and glue them in place and again I use scrap pieces to fill in the gaps and to blend the two sheets once dry I flipped it over and trimmed as needed so hang this I started creating something but I remembered I had this hardware so I placed a shelf on the edge of the table with this part hanging over and I hammered it into the board subscribe now you can leave it like this or you can add some pretty flowers this screams farmhouse shabby chic and I am in love and it doesn’t look like it cost around six dollars to make stick around for the next one and let us know which one is your favorite for the last DIY this one is super simple begin with two decorative wall hooks on one of them remove the string staples and a hanging hardware I use that hardware piece for the first DIY and on the other one remove the hook so at this point you should have one board in two hooks you don’t have to remove both of the hooks like I did just from one next for the tray feet I have three options the Dollar Tree pearls costume diamond rings or these acrylic gems you can always find the materials and helpful tips listed in the description box after deciding on which one market for reference I picked the acrylic gems because it’s easier but I’m gonna show you this Dollar Tree option in case you don’t have those remove the circle part and try to cut as close as you can now this part right here will be glued to the base of the tray just like that but whether you’re using rings or the gems continue with the following steps use something sharp and carve out an opening then place it on for fitting if it looks good add some glue and place the gem or ring on top let it fully dry and then add additional glue around it and if you’re using stronger glue you probably don’t have to add more so just do the same for the others carve out an opening check the fitting add glue and hold it until it dries then add more glue next glue the handles down remember you’re only removing one hook in the beginning so you’re only gluing down the hook on the other side and to cover the openings I added gems now for the unmarked side I lined it up to match the other one marked it and glued it down then I place the gems on top you can add more if you want but I decided to keep this one simple and you still get lots of charm so this was super easy and pretty quick to do I think it was around three dollars to make so I’m in love with this I’ll see you right here again tomorrow okay all right see you then wanna see more subscribe thumbs up this video share it with a friend and we’ll see you in the next one bye guys Oh