I will make a towel bar hanger with this wood from scrap.. I cut the wood with table saw.. I trim all side to make sure the wood square.. This is for bar. Cut the length.. I draw the line that want to cut.

1 is for side holder and another 1 for bar holder. Now i make a hole for side holder, not very deep… I trim the inside with chisel to make sure it clean.. Now i make a hole for bar.. The deep is half lap of wood.

. I check the deep with vernier caliper ruler.. Then i trim the edge with chisel.. I also used fine file and sand paper to smooth it.. Now i drill the hole for wall hanging, i make a small hole before drilling.

. and also drilling for side bar holder with two screw.. Now it done. Just scew it to the wall.. Note, this is replacement so i didn’t drilling on wall.. Thanks for watching