I’m going to use this shelf of wood that I bought in a thrift store for less than $ 4.00 He has a heart that I do not love and then I show them how I fix that part I’m going to paint my shelf with Waverly Chalk paint in Mineral color.

I love this color! I gave him two coats of paint to cover the wood well Also paint the back part. If at any time I would like to sell it, I believe the product is going to look good With the color burnt umber and this brush I will create a distress look in all the shelf Creating a distress look is very easy to do and you should focus on the edges Put little paint on your brush because is easier to make and it look better In the bottom part, I’m going to put a wooden stick of a plunger from Dollar Tree I’m going to mark the width of the shelf to cut it to the correct size Then I will paint the wooden stick in color burnt umber Use a wooden nail on each side so that the wooden stick stays stable I love how it looks, I can hang a towel and take advantage of that lost space that had the shelf Now I am going to use this round mirror of the Dollar Tree I’m going to hit nautical rope around the mirror to give more detail I will use the torch to create a different look, color and texture on the rope In the description of the video I leave the link where you can get it I’m going to stick the mirror where the heart of the shelf was to cover it because I did not like what it looked like.

Is not my style And I also put a rope tie as well I’m going to use this glass Dollar Tree container I’m going to paint the cover with burnt umber color and create a more rustic look with this type of sponge I will highlight the details of the cover; I leave you in the description of the video the link of the sponges if you are interested in buying them Then I put cotton swabs inside and that’s what it would look like I get this basket in a thrift store and I will paint it with a little white to change the color Inside I put cotton rounds and it’s perfect Finally, use this Hobby Lobby bucket that you buy in special And I put these bath bombs inside the bucket To decorate this shelf, use these towels, some succulents and candles of Dollar Tree, Also a bit of greenery I love how this decor looks in my bathroom, let me know if you like it with a BIG THUMBS UP and COMMENT SUBSCRIBE to my channel and HIT the BELL and Share this video with all the people you can See you in my next DIY! Love you Soo Much And if you missed my last video, I’ll leave it here on screen so you can run and watch it! BYE!!!