Do you have some outdated and unattractive tile in your home, don’t have a lot of time, don’t have a lot in the budget and you’re looking for a really easy DIY project? I’m Jennifer Davenport with Jennifer Decorates, stay tuned, I’m going to show you how you can take some really ugly tile and turn it into something absolutely gorgeous! I’m in my guest bathroom and before I get started telling you about this project let me show you a quick before and after photo of the tile.

Before we get started, let me tell you a little bit of a background on this project. We moved into our house about a year ago and the guest bathroom tile was in excellent condition. There were no chips in the tile, no chips in the grout, but I just didn’t like the tile, it wasn’t gonna go with my style.

I had seen on Pinterest where people were stenciling the floor and that’s what I jumped into- did not go well. I don’t know if it was the size of the tile and the stencil I was using or I just wasn’t any good at it, so when I went to start over actually the third time I came up with this idea.

So basically, you’re going to use four products, you’re going to use a primer, you’re going to use chalk paint, you’re going to use some latex paint and then, you’re going to use a polyurethane sealer.

For tools, you just need a paintbrush and a sander. This project will go so quickly and you will absolutely love the results. Step 1: you want to clean your floor. Make sure there’s no hair and dust on the floor anywhere and you can take painters tape and go ahead and tape off the trim.

Then you’re going to apply that primer, I applied it with a roller and then I used a brush up against the trim. You want to apply two coats and make sure you allow the proper drying time in between coats.

Step two: you’re going to apply the chalk paint. I used rust-oleum in the color charcoal and I will link everything I used in the description but I did two coats of that, let that thoroughly dry, then I just applied an off-white latex paint color, it was actually some color I had and I applied two coats of that, as well, giving me a lot of drawing time in between coats.

Step three: is to paint your grout. Now, I chose a lighter gray and I just used a simple paintbrush and I painted every bit of the grout. Now, the reason I painted the grout first is because if I got a little bit of that lighter grey onto the tile it wasn’t that big of a deal because I knew I was going to be sanding that tile and so I didn’t have to worry about being particularly perfect.

This is actually the really fun part. Now, I used a sander and what I did I began sanding on each tile on the edges. My tiles were square so I took the sander and I I just sanded one edge, two edge, three edge, four edges then I took the sander and swept across the tile in a few motions.

This brought out the gray color and the white color of the paint, it made this tile look like Old World Tile and it was so quick, I did the entire floor in less than an hour! Now tip: If you start out and you’ve done a few tiles and you realized you used the sander too much, I’m pointing that out because that’s what I did, so I stopped sanding and I immediately kind of painted that over and let it dry and then I knew to be a little bit easier on the sander after I did the edges.

For the last step, you want to make sure you have vacuumed and swept every bit of the dust, which you’ve created quite a bit of dust sanding, get that all cleaned up and you’re ready for the last step which is adding the polyurethane which is your top coat.

Again, two coats of that, let it dry in between. Well, I can tell you I am utterly thrilled with this project and we’ve had this floor done for over a month, it’s holding up beautifully. Again, it just looks like Old World Tile that I paid a lot of money for and I didn’t and it was an easy project.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this video, be sure to leave me a comment below, tell me, maybe you’ve done something with tile that’s a whole different technique, I’d love to know about it. Be sure to subscribe to my channel, make sure you hit that bell because it’s gonna tell you when I have a new video out! Have a wonderful day!