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Unusual, Beautiful and Creative Home Decor Ideas

Unusual, Beautiful and Creative Home Decor Ideas

An amazing image collection in this video, featuring home interiors with a unique and unusual decor. Check out these beautiful images. You’ll be amazed and delighted by the creativity of these decorating ideas.

Just look at this fairy tale home decor. Or at this dining room with “a butler” waiting your order. Living room for a hard rock lover. Spacious and gorgeous living space. Corner space where you can taste your wine.

“Two royal guards” on duty. Unique and little weird home decor. Living space with a barrel and … “Trinacria” – the Sicilian symbol. Amazing bedroom design idea with the walls covered by dots. Superb high-ceiling condominium with a quirky decor.

Charming stool and table lamp ideas. Basement bedroom with natural rock wall. Wall covered by multi-colored jars on wall-mounted floating shelves. Large and spacious home interior with a unique decor.

Amazing dining room with unique decor and exposed wooden beams. Creative design idea for a bedroom in black, gray and white. Absolutely beautiful living room decor. Garden with huge red dog statue. Spacious living room with a fabulous decor.

Incredible living space in blue and white with golden color accent. Compact living room design with funny decor elements. Superb living room in black, gray and vivid red. Cute living room. Amazing living space with a Mediterranean style touch.

Tiny living room with sloping ceiling painted in “street art” style. “Rhinos” in the living room. Absolutely delightful family-friendly living space. “Royal” style armchairs. Superb entryway with decorative elements in bold colors.

Dining room with a unique look. Fabulous home interior. Amazing grand room with ultra-modern furniture style. Basement living space with a unique look. Another home interior with a quirky decor in bold colors.

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Top 10 Interior Design Ideas and Home Decor for Small Bedroom

Top 10 Interior Design Ideas and Home Decor for Small Bedroom

Did you know that a good and clever design in a small space can trick your mind into thinking that the space is bigger than what it really is? Design can absolutely transform any space, in this video I will share with you ten ideas, tips and tricks to design a small bedroom, so If you have a small bedroom or you’re designing one right now, this video is perfect for you! Hi guys welcome back to D.

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Remember, be free to ask anything, so if you have any questions after watching this video please let me know in a comment below I will respond to as many comments as I can so let’s get started with the recommendation and ideas for small bedrooms design.

Color is one of the most important elements in any room for a small bedroom use light colors on the walls, floor and on your furniture. It’s a generally known fact that light colors make a room look bigger and brighter.

A room with light colors feels bigger and brighter because the walls are more reflective, making a space feel open and airy, which helps maximize the effect created by natural light. Dark colors, on the other hand, tend to absorb light, making a room look smaller.

Using light colors will make your walls appear to recede creating a bright feel. The favorite colors for a small bedroom are white, light gray, neutrals and cool colors like blue or green but in a very light tone to make your bedroom fresh, brighter and calming.

If you have any doubts on how to select the paint color for your space click the card here to know more about color theory and how to combine colors depending of your space and needs. Magnify your space with mirrors Mirrors expand a small bedroom by creating the illusion of a bigger room.

Positioning a mirror to reflect the light of a window is also the only way to up the natural light in your space. There are different ways to place a mirror in your bedroom, for example: Find a body-length mirror and lean it up against the wall you can cover an entire wall with modular mirrors, or cover the sliding doors of your closet or use a big one as a focal point above your bedhead.

Also, incorporating some mirrored furniture is a clever way to reflect light, Don’t be afraid to play around with more than one mirror but be sure that they don’t have overloaded or detailed frames.

Remember that in small spaces clean lines are the best choice. Push your bed up against a corner. Most bedroom styles feature the bed placed on the center of the wall with a nightstand on each side. However, narrow floor plans and limited space often call for a deviation of this.

To maximize the floor space and to have a comfortable way to circulate or just to place other furniture into your bedroom, like a desk, dresser or a vanity table, tuck your bed up against a corner in order to have only one circulation area instead of two to arrive to your bed and to save the most space possible to be used for other furniture and activities.

Be creative with your nightstands If you want to maximize every inch and be very stylish, a wall mounted solution is the best way to store your nighttime essentials without using any floor space. It’s clean, contemporary, inexpensive, and very, very easy to install.

This levitation acts as a trick to the eye by freeing up visual space and making the room feel larger, and it also leaves floor space open for even more storage. Also if you have a nightstand for both sides you can break the symmetry with two different styles shapes and to have night tables with a different kind of storage or use.

Because you’re always asking for it, remember that I always leave a link below in the description box with the furniture that I mention in this video this way you can get inspired to incorporate something similar into your space.

Use your walls, use the vertical space. The space is three dimensional, we have more than the floor, so don’t forget that you have vertical space at your disposal to incorporate some pieces like bookshelves, wall mounted desk or storage.

Take advantage of your wall space: liven up vacant walls and give purpose to underutilized areas Remember that vertical storage gives the illusion of a more spacious room. In a small bedroom make your walls work every time.

Hidden Storage In order to organize a small bedroom setup, storage is key. Be creative. Use under-bed storage to stash out-of-season clothing custom shelving hidden in your walls to store things like shoes and books or a mirror with a hidden storage for your jewelry.

also use an ottoman with hidden storage at the foot of the bed and get extra seating. Multifunctional and Light Furniture In a small bedroom multifunctional and smart pieces are essential to maximize every inch.

Look for multiple uses in your furniture pieces for example use an ottoman as a sitting for your vanity table but with a hidden storage and it will work as the same piece when you’re needing a footrest.

Also there are a lot of multifunctional bed choices in the market, which, at the same time, will work as storage. if your bedroom is too small, you can use a sofa bed. This way, you have more versatility to play with your space depending on your needs.

Remember that in a small space everything needs to be functional. Another recommendation about incorporating furniture in your bedroom is to use transparent pieces made by acrylic or glass, maybe this transparent piece can be the chair that you will use for your work station desk or for your vanity table or nightstand or shelves, this way you will trick your eyes and brain into thinking that the space is bigger that what is really is because the transparent furniture takes zero visual weight.

I know that I always share this recommendation in all my videos about small spaces but it’s because it’s very very useful and easy to incorporate it in any room, remember that designing a small space is all about visual manipulation and with transparent objects you can trick your mind like the best.

High Curtains As I said before that the Furniture that extends up to the ceiling can visually open up the space and gives the illusion of a more spacious room well, We can achieve the same visual effect with high mounted curtains.

Accentuate tall windows with high curtains. Curtains make a room look more spacious when you mount the curtain rod close to the ceiling instead of at the window frame. the floor-length curtains draw the eye upward along the entire length of the curtains, creating an illusion of height.

So at the time of incorporating your curtains as a functional element you should use it as a visual effect to trick your mind and make your bedroom feel larger and airy. Lighting has the greatest impact on interior design.

In a bedroom I always recommend to have different layers of lighting setup what does that mean? Well that means that you will need to have an ambient or general lighting combined with task light source such as table lamps for your desk or wall lamps for reading at your bed But In a small space you need to be clever at the time of incorporating your lighting pieces.

For an ambient light use ceiling mounted lights or architectural lighting mimicking the led strips in your ceiling wall or furniture to define volumes and to provide the necessary ambient lighting. As I said, make your walls and your ceiling work For a task lighting source instead of using a table lamp in your nightstand, you can have a hanging lamp with a simple design or a wall lamp to take up zero space in your nightstand this way you will have more useful space for you and your furniture.

Wallpapers Patterns are a small space’s best friend because they add big personality without encroaching on precious square footage. Just because your bedroom is small doesn’t mean it has to be dull.

Add a bold wallpaper pattern to a focal wall, like your headboard wall. Wallpaper can also make a room feel smaller, so it’s crucial that patterns are executed in just the right way So, when selecting wallpaper, choose a large-scale pattern with organic and soft shapes over a small and busy one.

Remember that a light and calming color palette is the best choice for any bedroom Specially for a small one. Don’t forget to create a cohesive look by coordinating your bedding or pillows or some accessories with your new wallpaper.

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Fabulous White Home Decor Ideas

Fabulous White Home Decor Ideas

Superb and elegant white home interiors. Here, you can admire a kitchen and dining combination, completely in white. Superb living room with white walls and floor. Tiny apartment with modern open space, completely in white.

Magnificent white bedroom. White Scandinavian home interior. White kitchen with a timeless vintage look. Superb white bedroom decor. Another kitchen and dining room combination, completely in white. White dining room decor.

Small apartment with white living room. Simple and elegant home interior. White kitchen decor. Large and spacious home interior with white walls and light color hardwood floor. White U-shaped kitchen.

Large kitchen/dining area with white walls and floor. White laundry room. Another home with a simple and white interior decor. Watch this interesting video and you’ll find many other images of white home interiors.

Thank you so much for watching. ROYALTY FREE MUSIC by EPIDEMIC SOUND

$500 Urban Outfitters Home Décor Haul

$500 Urban Outfitters Home Décor Haul

– Hey, guys, it’s Maddie here from House Beautiful. I’m the assistant social media editor, and today I’m gonna show you everything that I got from Urban Outfitters, and everything that I show you, I got for under $500.

I got some really awesome things for the home, so let’s go ahead and get started. Okay, guys, so the first thing I got was this amazing body pillow. So it’s $89. But just look at it, this like intricate detail here is so beautiful, and I love it because it’s a neutral so it’ll really go with any type of bed spread or comforter that I have.

It’s also so plush and cozy. And it’s gonna be a really good staple for my house. Okay, so the next thing I got was this throw pillow, and it’s kind of shaggy. And it’s only $69, and I think it’ll look really great with the other pieces that I got.

I was going for a kind of like a warm neutral type feeling. And so, this is like really soft and cozy, and it has a really interesting texture to it. And so, when I’m looking for throw pillows, I always wanna look for different types of textures.

So yeah, I thought this pillow was just really unique, and I think it’s really cute. Okay, so the next pillow I got is this cute little throw pillow. Once again, it’s that really pretty kind of neutral, warm neutral feeling.

Also, I love the tassels on this. It just adds an extra little oomph. So I’ll probably put this on the couch. It feels like something you could definitely rest on. Also, it does have these really pretty details on it.

So I really think that’ll kind of spruce up my living area. And I think I got this one for $50. This is definitely my favorite thing that I got from Urban. It’s a velvet floor cushion. So it’s gonna be perfect when I have friends over, and we’re all just kind of hanging around in the living room.

And we don’t wanna sit just on the hard floor. I just love the color, it’s a beautiful mauve pink, and it is so soft. It’s like almost buttery. Like it is so smooth. And once again, I’m so into the warm neutrals.

This is gonna be perfect. I got this for $90. (cash register dings) So I also got this throw blanket, which I think is going to be perfect on my sofa. It’s gonna be awesome to just kind of curl up in when I’m reading or if I’m watching TV.

It has this beautiful intricate threading through it so it’s not just a beige blanket. It has a really pretty design on it. Also has these tassels that I think are honestly just so pretty, and it kind of makes the blanket a little more chic.

Yeah, I think it’s gonna be perfect for my sofa, and it was $69. (cash register dings) So I also decided that I desperately needed a wall hanging, and I decided to get this one for a few reasons. Number one: this gold part at the top is beautiful, and I think it’s going to look great on my walls.

Also, I love the different textures that this had. So it has that woven fabric, but it also has these kind of tassels at the bottom. It has its shagginess. I think it’s gonna add something really extra special to my walls, and this is $59.

So also for the wall, I decided to get a jewelry hanger-organizer. So I thought that this eye was really pretty. It also has that pretty gold finish that I like. So it is $29, but it’s on sale right now for $24, which is a deal.

So it’s perfect, I’ll be able to hang necklaces, bracelets on it, also if I decide to put it by the front door, I could hang my keys on it so I don’t lose my keys. Yeah, I just love the gold, and I love the little design of it, I think it’s really cute, and it’ll be perfect for my apartment.

So I decided that I couldn’t end this haul without these two planters. So first, I love this guy because it’s gritty. This one was $24, it has this beautiful color. It also has the drain thing at the bottom, so you’ll be able to drain your plants.

It’s also pretty deep. Yeah, it was perfect, like I said, $24. You can’t beat it. And then this guy was $12. (cash register dings) And it doesn’t have a drain, but it’s still a pretty good size, and I’m a sucker for polka-dots.

And these two are gonna look great on my window sill or on the shelf of my bathroom. I really can’t go wrong with these two, and I love them so much. All right, guys, well this is it. So I got everything you can see here for under $500 from Urban Outfitters.

I’m so obsessed with everything. So I hope you liked it, and don’t forget to like and subscribe, leave us a comment down below. What other shopping hauls you wanna see, and we’ll be back with more videos soon, bye!

Simple and Elegant Scandinavian-Style Home Decor, 70 Design Ideas

Simple and Elegant Scandinavian-Style Home Decor, 70 Design Ideas

Please watch this video and learn how to create an amazing Scandinavian decor. You’ll find here almost seventy home interiors, livings, bedrooms, hallways, grand rooms, etc., in this simple and elegant design style.

After all, Scandinavian style or Nordic style is all about simple, pure, functional, clean lines and elegance. This design includes neutral colors, such as white, beige, gray, etc. and and an extensive use of natural wood.

Look at this gorgeous home interior with high-ceiling, wooden floor and wood burning fireplace. Superb decor in white and cream colors with old kind chandeliers and decorated with indoor plants and decorative pillows.

Beautiful kitchen and dining area with the same old crystal chandelier. The dining area seen from another angle. Another fabulous home interior with wood burning fireplace. Magnificent bedroom furnished with just a double bed and a wooden screen.

Lot of storage space. Multi-functional room: bedroom plus a tiny working space. Simple and functional bathroom design. Narrow hallway painted in glossy white that make it to feel more spacious. Small entrance way.

Living room with old wood burning fireplace and exposed wooden beams. Fabulous chandelier and stylish lightweight furniture. Beautiful cozy corner that invites you to rest and relax. Beautiful and elegant dining area.

The same home decor; the images have been taken in the evening. Super U-shaped kitchen design in white color with wooden countertop. Simple and beautiful home interior with white walls and ceramic tile flooring.

Spacious and bright with charming fireplace. Another magnificent interior with white walls and beautiful wooden stairway. Large and spacious living and dining area. Scandinavian interior with magnificent stone fireplaces.

Stunning medium-size apartment design beautifully furnished and decorated. Home interior with sunken kitchen-dining area. Engineered hardwood floor and black, gray and white color palette. Large condominium with modern open space in a splendid Scandinavian design.

Bright and airy home interior with wooden stairway. Compact and cozy living room with comfortable corner sofa. Living room with high-ceiling, parquet floor, old kind of fireplace and stylish furnished and decorated.

Elegant dining room design with massive wooden table and tufted fabric chairs. Fantastic conversion idea: attic turned into a modern and elegant living space. Gray walls, indoor plants, large sofas and huge modern paintings.

Another attic turned into a large and comfortable apartment. I hope you are enjoying this video and the background music. Soundtracks: 1. Herbal Tea – Velvet Moon 2. Balcony – Velvet Moon 3. Wicked One – Velvet Moon ROYALTY FREE MUSIC by EPIDEMIC SOUND Thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to subscribe.

🖤DIY Kitchen Witch Canisters 2 ways🖤 Spooky Goth Home decor🖤 Custom Storage🖤

🖤DIY Kitchen Witch Canisters 2 ways🖤 Spooky Goth Home decor🖤 Custom Storage🖤

For the first version of these canisters you will need to get some clear waterslide decal paper for your type of printer. On your computer, lay out some graphics you want for your canisters, and print them according to the paper directions.

Next you’re going to need to seal them with a clear acrylic of some kind. Do at least 3 light layers, letting the spray dry between coats. Don’t be a dingus like me, though, and set your camera way too close to the spray zone! You can buy canisters like this new, but I am cheap and got mine at Goodwill.

Some had these rubber seals, and those were old and cracked. Others had silicone seals that seemed to still be in pretty good shape. All the canisters got a good wash in the dishwasher, after we put on the decals, these will be hand wash only.

I replaced the worn out seals with new ones I found on Amazon. You may not need to do this step at all if your canisters will be purely decorative. But replacing them is super easy. Nice new seal! Now you will want to decide which canisters are going to get which designs.

Cut your design close, leaving just a small edge all the way around. You will need to get a dish of some sort with water in it, and put your cut out designs in the water. They will want to curl up, so you might have to gently push them down into the water until the paper baking softens a little more.

Now we wait about 2 or 3 minutes and do a little waiting dance I can hear my kids cringing now! make sure your canister is nice and clean. Get your first decal out of the water and gently slide the backing one direction while you slide the picture the other direction.

This will create a little tab of the clear decal sticking off on one end. Starting with that end, place your design on the cannister and carefully pull the paper away to the opposite side. The decal should slide fairly easily to get the placement you want.

Be gentle and watch for bubbles and wrinkles. Gently blot the design with a damp sponge or paper towel to remove excess water, which I somehow didn’t film. For a better set of the design, we are going to bake this, so we need to remove the seal.

Baking is not necessary, it just makes the design a bit more rugged. Some waterslide decals come with baking directions that you should follow. Mine didn’t, so I had some trial and error. For these, you start with a cold oven, then place the canister in and heat the oven to 315° Fahrenheit.

Remove them once the oven comes to full heat. Now the easier way! Wall decals! You just pick one you like that is the right size for you canister, and stick it on! Be sure you push out as many bubbles as you can for a nicer look.

I had my professional bubble pusher help out. My canisters are just for decoration, and they will be sitting on top of my cabinets. So I want to give them some extra height. For this I will use E6000 and hot glue to stick on candleholders from Dollar Tree.

The E6000 is for longterm strong hold, and the hot glue is just to hold it in place until the E6000 cures. It looks great,but If you plan to actually use your canisters for storing things, you might want to skip this part.

The lids over-balance them to one side when open, and that makes them fall over pretty easily when they are on the candleholder. Here they are! … and here is what happens when you accidentally leave them in the oven longer than you should! Oops!I still love them, though! And if spooky isn’t you aesthetic, you can do this in other styles, too! We are trying to go for “haunted farmhouse” in our home, so here is a bit of the more farmhouse look.

The candleholder was just painted with chalk paint. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I’ll link some of the supplies I used below. be sure you like and subscribe!

🛠 Slush Casting Resin – Easy Opulent Home Decor 🛠

🛠 Slush Casting Resin – Easy Opulent Home Decor 🛠

Hi! It’s Heather from Thicketworks – and today I’m going to show you how you can use slush casting to create beautiful home decor accents with a minimum of time and material! I’ll demonstrate how you can use one of these really cheap plastic molds intended for plaster of Paris to cast beautiful architectural embellishments you can add right on top of metal items that have been treated with fire patina.

We’ll be working with a quick cure two-part resin today so grab your protective gloves and let’s get ready! I’ll be working with Fast Cast which as you can see, sets up in ten minutes! Because this mold is fairly elaborate, I’m going to add a mold release in the form of the simplest of materials – and that’s baby oil.

.. applied with a baby wipe. Doesn’t take much – just get some on to your cloth or your baby wipe and make sure to place it into all of the nooks and crannies of the mold cavity. Fast Cast quick cure resin comes in a bottle marked Part A and a bottle marked Part B: these are mixed together in equal amounts to create a resin mixture that sets up really quickly.

I’ll be adding this Alumilite black dye to the Part A portion of the mixture before blending them together. Now I’m not measuring here: I’m just giving a pretty decent squeeze of that black dye into the Part A and I’ll blend that together before we combine Part A and Part B.

The resin typically will dry to an almost ivory color so the addition of the black dye will create a lovely deep rich charcoal gray – and that charcoal gray is a perfect match to the background of our fire patina surfaces.

Once Part A and Part B of the resin have been added to the same container, you mix them thoroughly and carefully for 30 seconds – making sure to scrape the sides and the bottom of the container. Next, we’re going to pour the mixture into the mold and it will not fill the mold.

That’s the idea of a slush casting – we’re saving on the amount of material that typically would be used to fill a mold that’s this large. Every time we swirl the mixture around the interior of the mold we’re adding another fine layer of resin.

These layers build up slowly as you go through the slush casting method. As the chemical reaction begins to accelerate within the resin you’ll find that the mixture moves more and more slowly as you swirl it around.

It will continue to thicken during this process until it’s no longer possible for you to tilt the mold and have the resin move quickly. Once the resin is no longer in a liquid form and you’ve covered the entire interior of the mold, it’s time to set it aside for a few minutes: less than 10 – until the surface is no longer sticky to the touch.

At this point the resin has reached the “soft cure” stage and with a thin implement (like the tip of a craft blade) you can pry up one edge. Once you have that first edge free, you can then use the strength of your hands to pull the casting out of the mold.

Don’t worry if it tends to deform at this point: it will bounce right back to its original shape… and as you can see, it left the mold completely clear! At this point you can use a pair of scissors to clean up the edge of your casting.

Just a few snips to make sure everything’s nice and trimmed and this is ready to adhere to its substrate. I’ll be using the 3-in-1 glue by Beacon: this is a very strong craft glue and it works just as well as a 6,000 or Fabri Tack.

I’m applying it only to the areas that will come in contact with the surface of this fire patina tin – and then pressing it into place…verifying that it’s actually centered on that lid and then allowing it to cure for just a few minutes.

This looks amazing just “as is”, but I’d like to dress it up just a bit by adding a layer of Metallique “Old Silver” metallic wax to the high points. I love this wax as you probably already know, and it’s the perfect way to blend the charcoal of the casting into the metallic background of the fire patina tin.

It just takes a few swipes and a few moments and at the end of the process you have an heirloom worthy piece just like that in less than 20 minutes! Slush casting is one of the fastest and easiest ways to create stunning home decor items.

Thank you so much for hanging out with me today! Until next time…Bye!

11 Creative Home Decor Ideas! DIY Room Decorating Tips & Tricks to Sort Out Your Room!

11 Creative Home Decor Ideas! DIY Room Decorating Tips & Tricks to Sort Out Your Room!

Helen is trying out some calligraphy lessons she found online. Those elegant strokes do look much easier in theory than in practice. One more coffee sip and… whoops! GREEN paint on a WHITE wall??? Oh no, that’s never coming off! Can we cover it up somehow?? Or do we even have to? Just take some acrylic paint and add more dots.

.. …and more… and MORE! just like that a little calligraphy accident turned into a big texturized masterpiece! So many urgent notes to remember! So little space on the wall… Yikes! And your perfectly good board got broken from that knowledge overload.

.. Such a shame! The frame is pretty much a waste at this point… But we can still do something about that cork! How about take a printout of a simple shape. A unicorn head is a good example! Trace around the cutout with a marker.

Better go with waterproof just in case. Finish the drawing by adding little details. Just not too much. And then cut the whole thing out. Using some acrylic paint, color the cutout just the way you want.

Great thing about acrylics is that once dry they are pretty much waterproof! Try some other shapes like a heart or, obviously, an avocado – Helen’s favorite fruit! Glue it to your wall using double sided tape and use just like you would use any other pin board! It’s stylish and useful at the same time! One, two, three, four.

.. WORK IT! Start with a little step… stretch those arms! Now knees, elbow and squat and… ARGH! Flower pot down… Shucks! Don’t you hate when that happens? Poor little plant… Mama’s gonna fix you right back! We definitely have a spare pot lying around somewhere.

.. See? All good now, little one! The old flower pot is useless… But maybe we can salvage at least this saucer! Take some nail polish of your favorite color and paint a daisy like shape. Follow the pattern all the way to the edges.

Painting the edge of the coaster is a nice finishing touch. But we’re not done yet. Take a second color, preferably a bit darker. And paint over the first layer in single smaller strokes. Once you finish let it dry for an hour or so and you just made yourself a funky little dish for your jewelry! It looks so cute, Helen! Rachel’s birthday party is sadly over.

But there are still some birthday presents left unopened. What’s this bag on the top there? Aww! It’s a gift from Grandma! So sweet! What did you get? It’s a handmade dolly! Aren’t grandmas the best? You should put it somewhere visible, Rachel! Just where.

.. your room decor is all but vintage. Nah… it just blends in with your coffee table… Kitchen counter is better, but still not what we’re looking for… What we need is to take on the meaning of vintage from a fresh perspective! Take your dolly and put it through an embroidery frame.

Make a couple of those in different sizes. It could also be just a piece of lace. Arrange your frames to your liking. And tie them together with some white thread. Use the same thread to tie the frames to a piece of wood.

Last but definitely not least, add some various lace ribbons to the bottom of your art piece. Would you look at that big stylish dreamcatcher! Grandma will be so proud! Rachel has got to watch the new show everyone’s been talking about lately.

But it seems it’s a bit too boring for her liking… Feeling a bit tired, girl? No big deal, those pillows are made for napping! Wakey-wakey! Had a good sleep? It sure looks like it! What a huge makeup stain! Getting it off that pillow will be a nightmare.

Try it some micellar water you have in your makeup bag. Is it any good? Well a little… But that waterproof mascara isn’t going to give up so easily! It’s either professional cleaning services for you.

Or we could think of something to give your pillows extra color. A whole basket of yarn? Let’s see what we can do… To save the dirty pillow case, take a ball of yarn and wrap a thick layer of thread around your fingers.

Don’t make it too tight, remove the thread and tie another smaller piece exactly in the middle. Cut the excess thread off and now cut through all the loops. You should end up having a shaggy pom-pom. Leave it as is or cut it to a nice round shape.

Looks pretty good! Put a little drop of hot glue on one side. And glue it to the stained pillowcase. Make a couple of such pom-poms to cover the whole stain. The final part is our trusty textile marker.

What you draw depends only on your creativity and imagination. Think about what a bunch of pom poms could be! They could be the soft feathers of a flamingo! Or how about an ice cream cone? They’re so simple to make yet they look like making them took a lot of effort.

Fluffy pom-pom pillows are just what this couch needed! What an eye-catcher! Gloves. Safety glasses. Helen’s about to take on a serious DIY project. Cleaning up her old wardrobe! Look at all that useless garbage! Broken footballs.

Even broken boxes or an old skateboard! Although… Hmm… This last item could still come in handy. Even for those of us who only skate in Tony Hawk’s video games. It’s a board made of wood. You see where we’re going with this? Take your old skateboard and unscrew the wheels.

This should be pretty easy to do. Just hold the loose nut in place with a spanner and remove the screw with a screwdriver. Use some WD-40 if you need to loosen it a bit. Pull the screws out and spray-paint the board in your favorite color.

Helen prefers blue. You will need two skateboards for this hack, so be sure to check your friends basements for a pair. Take a thick rope and tie the skateboards together in such a way that you get a nice funky shelf to hang.

Great decor for all the rebellious teenagers or nostalgic grown-ups! Chop chop! Slice slice! What’s it gonna be, Helen? A delicious lasagna? Oh avocado? *laughter* Should have known! You’re really passionate about that tasty fruit! The best lunches are quick and easy to munch! You can’t eat anymore? It’s hard to believe our avocado maniac is too full for that last slice.

You know what we need, Helen? More avocados in your life! How about we make something that will always remind you where your fruity heart is? Take two identical cardboard cutouts in the shape of an avocado.

Wrap one of the templates with thick wool thread. Dark brown or dark green is perfect! Now take the other template and wrap some dark gray or another shade of brown in the middle. Then some light avocado green all over the cutout.

Finally a layer of the same brown shade of wool you use for the first part. Cut the wool on the sides. Be careful and use some sharp scissors. Otherwise it might get messy. The wool layer is now very thick and won’t give in so easily.

Push the two pom-pom pieces together and tie them with the last thread of brown wool. It almost looks like a very hairy green puppy! Cut all the excess wool off to shape a nice round pom-pom. And your fluffy fruit pillow is ready! Helen absolutely adores this little thing! Sweet avocado dreams!~ Hey, Crafty Pandas! I hope you’re enjoying this video as much as Jacob is.

Let us know just how much by smashing that like button. Subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already! And most importantly don’t forget to leave a comment down below. We read them all! Jessica barely made it back safe after the intense weather outside! Well at least halfway safe.

.. Apparently I spoke too soon! Her boot got soaked in water! How did that even happen? Did you step in a lake or what?? So much for staying dry… It would be a shame to throw them away… Jess, is there any other way you could reuse them? Let’s just hide a small jug of water inside the boots and fill it up with a handful of flowers! Add a playful bow tie and you’ll have yourself a lovely welcoming vase by the door.

Emily starts her day with her favorite comic and a bowl of cereal. Too bad she just ran out of milk… You forgot to buy more, didn’t you? Hmmm, have you noticed it has a lovely bottle shape though? Any chance that we could make a whimsical creation of our own out of it? First remove the label.

Cut out a heart-shaped window and tiny door. You’ll want to use PVA glue and paint it all over the bottle. It will help us to cover the bottle in sand. Take out your hot glue gun and use it to cover the doors with tiny pebble stones.

Do the same with the window and the rest of the bottle. Continue using hot glue to stick various other sizes of pebbles. In addition you want some lichen to fill the gaps and add some greenery to the piece.

Or even go an extra mile with the bird nest and a small figurine. Lastly lay down a bit of moss inside and add a battery base candle. Our birdhouse can be quite flammable and this way will prevent any fire hazards.

Perfect Emily! You nailed it! That’s a really cozy looking nightlight! Alright it’s time to go to sleep! Wow! That looks magical! Well good morning, Jacob, how did you sleep? Ready to grab your daily news? Oh wow it looks like your paperboy is getting better with his throwing skills! So much for customer satisfaction, right? Let’s salvage this baby by placing your broken pot in a saucer.

Then fill in some soil on the unbroken planter side. And secure the remaining broken pieces within the soil together with a couple of small plants. Continue to add marble wooden or rock accessories and or pretty much anything you have laying around.

Ancient toy castle? Why not? Jacob that looks way cooler than the typical planter you would see in a garden! The redesign pot looks like a miniature fairyland! Hopefully no more breaking news! *chuckle* Hey, Crafty Pandas! I hope you enjoyed these home decor ideas! Let us know which of them you’re going to use next in the comments down below.

If you want to learn more feel free to check out our older videos. Hit the subscribe button and ring that bell to stay tuned for more!

DIY Snowflake Sculpture Art Display | Luxe Look For Less | Home Decor Idea

DIY Snowflake Sculpture Art Display | Luxe Look For Less | Home Decor Idea

(upbeat music) – [Tresha] Hey guys, welcome back. I had to share this clothespin hack with you guys. This is the perfect decor item you can have on your entryway table, on your coffee table, end table, if you have a fireplace mantle.

That will look great as well. And it will be a great gift to give. So, are you curious to see how I did it? Well, let’s just dive right in. You’ll need 23 clothespins to make one, but I decided to make two so I grabbed two packs of these and you can find them at the Dollar Tree.

I started by taking each clothespin and twisting them to remove the spring. Next I apply a Rapid Fuse Wood adhesive to one side of the clothes pin and glued it to the other side, just like that. Next I glued all of them together, creating a circle.

I wanted to spray paint the clothespin metallic, gold color, but I had this theory that the color will pop more if I painted it black first, so I did. I used the Craftsman acrylic paint for this. Make sure to paint the front and the back.

Now let’s see if this color pops. Oh yeah. Yes indeed. Since I had these washers lying around, I decided to glue five of them together to form a cross. I sprayed these gold too. Once they were dry, I glued them to the center.

And to top it off, I glued crystal gems in the center of each one. Now for the base. I used the top of a box that I purchased from the Dollar Tree. I also grabbed a pack of wood dowels from there as well.

I used two for each stand. Oh, and I purchased a pack of rocks too. This will give the stand the weight that it needs. We definitely don’t want it to fall over, do we? To determine where I want to place the dowels, I found the center of the top and then the center of each segment.

Once I did that, I traced the bottom of the dowel with a pencil. I used the tip of my drafting compass to create the hole, but you can use anything that you have at home. Afterwards I went back in with my dowels.

Just to make sure it fit. Now I’m going to paint the top and the dowels black. Oh, that was quick. Now that it’s dry, I’m going to flip it over and start hot gluing rocks to the back of it. It should look something like this.

Next I’m going to insert the dowels in the holes then I’m going to place hot glue around the tip of the dowels. To keep things level for myself while I put the two pieces together, I placed my clothespins on top of this block that I had, but you can use anything that you already have.

And finally, hot glue the two pieces together. Wow, just gorgeous. Big shout out to the notification gang. I wanna give a big shout out to the girly woodworker for making the first comment on my last video.

I really appreciate you girl. Ya’ll should check out her channel. This is a new thing that I’m trying out. I just want to show how much I appreciate you guys. Thanks guys for watching. If you liked this video and would like to see more, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe.

It’s free. Also, let’s connect on Instagram, I’m @DesignsByTresha. I would love to share your work, so tag me. And I’m on Facebook now @ImTreshaJa where I give commentary on my videos and share other ideas with you.


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