Hey guys welcome back to my channel. It’s Fumnanya. I wanted to come on here and do a house decor haul or home décor haul. So if you want to see what I got on my home decor hall and see how I sort of started to put everything together then definitely please keep watching.

So I am gonna talk about the items here and sort of try and show you. But some of them are so big. So we’re just gonna show how I range them. This is how I arranged my pillows on my bed and I wanted to do something really simple but still something that felt kind of luxurious so I went with fur.

The first one you can kind of see, maybe if we switch it over here you can kind of see how big it is. It’s a pretty big throw pillow it has beige and white fur it’s super soft and very full which I really really like.

And this is one of those zip up covers so you can remove the covering and then still use the pillow. That is awesome because I feel like this is winter so this fur kind of works. But let’s say in the summer I wanted to switch to something more appropriate then I could take this cover off and still use the throw pillow and then stow this away for the next winter.

So this is the first 1, it’s huge and it’s full and I love it. This one is like one of my favorites I feel like. This is not a zip up this is just what you get. I love it though. This one is actually incredibly soft.

It’s just this luxurious white color, it’s kind of ribbed as you can see and it’s just very very gorgeous on the bed. I didn’t want to get 2 of these because I wanted to add some variety but I think I will go back and get another 1 of this if they have it.

I got these pillows at TJ Maxx and they were $20 to $24 each so I feel like I got a good deal on that. Next is this throw blanket. This fur supposed to look like that Mongolian fur, I don’t know if you’ve seen that but it’s like a long hair fur.

I wanted to get something, I don’t know if you can tell but this isn’t a true white this is a very cream color. This I sort of throw on the edge of the bed because I wanted something that wasn’t white to sort of connect the golds and the cream headboard to the white of the bed and I felt this was perfect.

I just throw this on the end of the bed and it just looks so put together and most Pinteresty. So that’s what I like about it, it’s not big enough to cover yourself or be a bed blanket but it is a nice sized throw so I really like that.

Next thing I got also from TJ Maxx, there are coins in here I’m using this as sort of like a piggy bank because I want to encourage myself to not throw away coins. I’ve been keeping my coins in here, I’ve got a good amount.

But what I loved about this, what attracted me that this is like the shattered mercury glass look. I feel like it’s so cute. And this is something that you can put on a shelf. I’m going to put a shelf up in the corner back there, I haven’t gotten it yet.

But I’m going to just put a white shelf in the corner and this is gonna be one of the shelf décor pieces. So I’m really happy I got this it’s so so pretty, I love it so much. Next also from TJ Maxx is this jewelry box.

I think this is by Nicole Miller, it’s got gold framing and then these little bitty crystals. I think this is so pretty. When it’s daylight and the window blinds are up and the sun is shining this just catches the light in the most beautiful way.

It opens up like this and then it has a mirror inside. I haven’t finished filling it but you can kind of see the mirror in there and I really really like that. I think that’s so pretty. It’s such a nice touch to it.

So this is also from TJ Maxx and this is like a little ring dish. I am not a big ring person at all but I just could not pass up this dish. I don’t really put anything on it but I just think it’s such a cute addition to the nightstand.

My nightstand is mirrored and so that has a sort of metallic effect. So I wanted to put something gold up there to tie into what I’m going to show you next. And the ceramic part of it matches my lamp really nicely.

So I just feel like everything just works together to coordinate. This is 1 of my favorite items in my room I wanted something that was kind of cutesy to capture that side of my personality. So that’s why I got that.

This thing I got from home goods and no wait where’d I get this? This I got from Marshalls actually and I am in love with this this is a gold love sign. It’s got the heart you can tell and it’s really shiny on the front but then it’s got a textured look on the sides and on the insides.

This has such a good weight to it. I’m someone who associates that kind of weighted feel with quality. So it’s not cheap at all but I got this for $10 you guys and it doesn’t look any worse than what you would see at any of those stores.

It’s so pretty. Again I like how this ties in to that gold little L on the ring dish and adds a metallic feature to that nightstand. I just love the way that white and gold and cream go together. So that’s sort of my whole theme and this is like such a pretty cute addition to it.

I just love it. I’m just gonna pan and show you how it looks on my nightstand because I didn’t want to unplug it and then bring it over here, I feel that would be a little much. But here’s the lamp. I spent a long time looking for a lamp.

I do this thing where I want to buy something and then I go online I start looking at stuff and then I get really indecisive and it takes forever. Then it’s like I’ve already spent an hour on this and it’s just it’s not that serious.

So I was like I’m just gonna go to Marshall’s and buy whatever lamp I see and luckily they had the perfect lamp. Literally I looked at it and I was like that’s cute enough I’m taking it. Then when I brought it home it was perfect, it’s the perfect size it’s the perfect color.

I feel like it really helps to tie again the ceramic with the metallic look of the nightstand itself and the gold. Everything just works together really nicely I feel like. Last but not least this is my favorite purchase from my home decor haul.

This is a sheepskin rug, I got this from home goods and, some of them, a lot of them actually were kind of shabby looking and not very good. But I really searched and I picked this 1, it’s very full it’s very soft and it’s so plush.

I put this beside my bed on the side that I always get out of bed and this is just such a nice little touch of luxury. When I get out of bed and my feet touch this I’m like ah yes. This is really great and I can’t stop rubbing it it’s so so so so soft, I can’t stop.

But I absolutely love this. It was $50, best $50 I’ve spent in a long time. I think I’m going to go grab another 1 honestly because this is so soft. Yeah I feel like it’s pretty true to color on screen here.

It’s like a cream color and then depending on how the fur is going it’s kind of got a different color dimension. So it’s like a multi-dimensional color, very very plush. I have seen sheep skin rugs go for in the 100s and the 200s so get this for $50 is quite a steal.

Again if you go to home goods just make sure you really go through all the rugs and get the 1 that you want. So yeah that completes my home ware haul, home decor haul. I hope you guys enjoyed. Bulk of the products that I got are from TJ Maxx.

The nightstand itself is from Amazon. So I’ll link that down below. I love it, it’s beautiful. Pictures don’t do it justice, it’s absolutely gorgeous. As far as mirrored nightstands go that is a steal, that price you’re not going to find it any cheaper than that.

TJ Maxx and home goods are great for home decor especially for those little accent pieces. They tend to go for much cheaper at TJ Maxx and Home Goods and Marshalls then you’re going to find them at like I said your typical home décor stores.

And they’re pretty nice products, they’re quality. So yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this haul. Let me know if you want to see more videos in my home decor series. I’m kind of wrapping up my room and like I said I will do a bedroom tour.

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I will link things down below. Thank you guys so much for watching again. I love you all so much and I can’t wait to see my next video. Bye!