Where is the Deathly Hallows? Is that the forest? …..no….. Hi my name is Kelsey. And my name is Becky and we are the sorry girls. And we are back doing another dorm room makeover Today we’re here with Kayley, she is a 2nd year history student She hopes to be a lawyer one day and she also loves Harry Potter.

Amazing. We already spoke to her We got a gist of what she needs in the space, but it’s time to kick her out so we can get on with this makeover We will see you later have a new room. Have a good day class.

Bye.byeee Well, this is a dorm. It’s a dormer. It’s a dorm room So like she said she loves Harry Potter, which I’m very excited about. I love a good Harry Potter Becky is our resident Harry Potter fan I mean, I’ve seen some of some of the movies but I enjoy them but I’m gonna leave this to you This is gonna be fun to do a room inspired by it And on top of that she mentioned to us that she’s a Slytherin which is great because her curtains are already green Hello, but on top of that we’re gonna make this place even greener more Slytherin-esk And in Harry Potter, they live in like these like gorgeous kind of Castle-like dorms and they all have these like beautiful canopy beds Okay.

So be cool to kind of do a faux canopy with this above the beds. We have these little clothes pegs that have sticky backs And this should work. I think so, It’s easier than like doing hooks and worrying about like putting holes in this.

Yeah This is the safe, the dorm way. Dorm safe WOW This looks unreal already. That really changed the space a lot more and it was like. That took us five minutes I thought this would be one of the hardest things we’re gonna do in this room and it was like, no problems Okay, so now we have some art to go in this corner If you guys remember this triangle light-up wall sconce that we diy-ed a while ago We have the thought but it’s the perfect shape to be a Deathly Hallows inspired wall lamp Where is the Deathly Hallows, is that the forest? No Basically it’s like a magical symbol for the ultimate like powerful wizard.

Fair enough and we have the perfectly shaped I know I’m dead at how perfect this is for it so we can paint on that guy So we already pre printed some classic Harry Potter quotes because it’s like one of the most quotable books series of all times on some white paper But we were thinking you because look like it was like pages out of a book so it can kind of rip the one edge And distress it a little bit and then and then put that on the wall.

Like it’s blown All right, let’s get to get to DIYing these “Deathly Hallows. I assume you’re all familiar with the tale of the three brothers?” “Yes. (Harry) No” Harry Oh my god is so magical! That looks so good It looks.

Harry Potter time. It looks so good here. Okay, we’re gonna add some blankets pillows, it’s gonna look sick I have a runner for this nice and I have a sweet runner hack that I can’t wait to share with y’all Alright, so we have our really long runner here It’s the perfect vintage Slytherin green and if you guys have seen carpets like this, they look like the hand-woven ones But they’re not there like a little bit cheaper, more affordable, but we want to make it look like it’s hand-woven But it’s just missing a little bit of fringe because hand-woven ones always have the fringe on the ends That would have been a part of the loom.

I think, I’m just making this up, but I think that makes sense. So I actually bought this fringe from the fabric store I just got a couple yards of it and I’m just going to go ahead and hot glue it to my carpet and it’s gonna Look like it was hand-woven Okay, and then we also whipped up this super cute DIY flag, which is very on color scheme this is so easy all you eat is a wooden dowel in any sort of fabric and you just wrap it around with a piece of string and it can be Hung up on the wall.

And we’ve been using the removable sticky hooks for pretty much everything in all of these dorms because they’re amazing They’re dorm safe. And there’re so many kinds so they hold pretty much everything you could need.

So now that this area is done We’re gonna work on the desk and styling all of that. We have this gorgeous floor lamp It’s gonna bring some light to this back corner. We’re gonna do some vintage thrifted trays and stuff.

That’s old silver It really goes with the vibe of the room We have a bunch of LED electric candles that really also give it the very Harry Potter vibe while still being dorm safe And we’re adding additional storage Okay, last step she is this coolest window seat I’ve ever seen any dorm ever, I want one now I didn’t know I wanted a window seat until this I know I feel like I’m in like a Disney fairy tale and I’m just like waiting for my prince Wrong movie reference, but okay Speaking of movie reference um this we found at the thrift store we found the cage and then we found Faux vines, so we assembled very DIY.

There are some hooks already in the ceiling that we did not put ourselves No, but we are gonna make use of those holes but also sticky hook would work in this situation But we’re gonna hang this up on there and then some pillows and all that good stuff.

And then the reading nook is almost complete Love. Do like a moment Okay Moments over Okay, and one of our last week projects in this room is a side table because She doesn’t have one and I think that she should have one So we decided to go very Harry Potter on this we picked up some vintage luggage and suitcases We built a little stand and we’re gonna assemble them all to be her side table Okay, I pictured this being really cute in my head but now seeing it together, it’s the cutest thing, I’m obsessed.

And thrift store Final touch time do do do do? This came together so well Harry Potter goal that’s still like actual dorm room I think I’m a Harry Potter fan. Going home to watch some movies. Gonna go home and watch some Harry Potter It’s time to bring her in.

Yes, okay Hayley are you ready? Open your eyes in your new bedroom in three two, one! Oh my gosh So we went with this slytherin and Harry potter-themed and kind of ran with it because we had a lot of fun.

We gave you a little bit more lighting because it can get dark in here We tried to do a canopy inspired bed a la the dorm room in Hogwarts, and this new windows seat I know you enjoy looking out the window but I think you like it a little bit more now Maybe a little bit more comfortable? Yeah just a bit, eh wow.

The plant’s not real so you don’t have to worry about it dying. I was slightly concerned! Thank you so much! Thank you for letting us take over your space for a day