– Hey, guys, it’s Maddie here from House Beautiful. I’m the assistant social media editor, and today I’m gonna show you everything that I got from Urban Outfitters, and everything that I show you, I got for under $500.

I got some really awesome things for the home, so let’s go ahead and get started. Okay, guys, so the first thing I got was this amazing body pillow. So it’s $89. But just look at it, this like intricate detail here is so beautiful, and I love it because it’s a neutral so it’ll really go with any type of bed spread or comforter that I have.

It’s also so plush and cozy. And it’s gonna be a really good staple for my house. Okay, so the next thing I got was this throw pillow, and it’s kind of shaggy. And it’s only $69, and I think it’ll look really great with the other pieces that I got.

I was going for a kind of like a warm neutral type feeling. And so, this is like really soft and cozy, and it has a really interesting texture to it. And so, when I’m looking for throw pillows, I always wanna look for different types of textures.

So yeah, I thought this pillow was just really unique, and I think it’s really cute. Okay, so the next pillow I got is this cute little throw pillow. Once again, it’s that really pretty kind of neutral, warm neutral feeling.

Also, I love the tassels on this. It just adds an extra little oomph. So I’ll probably put this on the couch. It feels like something you could definitely rest on. Also, it does have these really pretty details on it.

So I really think that’ll kind of spruce up my living area. And I think I got this one for $50. This is definitely my favorite thing that I got from Urban. It’s a velvet floor cushion. So it’s gonna be perfect when I have friends over, and we’re all just kind of hanging around in the living room.

And we don’t wanna sit just on the hard floor. I just love the color, it’s a beautiful mauve pink, and it is so soft. It’s like almost buttery. Like it is so smooth. And once again, I’m so into the warm neutrals.

This is gonna be perfect. I got this for $90. (cash register dings) So I also got this throw blanket, which I think is going to be perfect on my sofa. It’s gonna be awesome to just kind of curl up in when I’m reading or if I’m watching TV.

It has this beautiful intricate threading through it so it’s not just a beige blanket. It has a really pretty design on it. Also has these tassels that I think are honestly just so pretty, and it kind of makes the blanket a little more chic.

Yeah, I think it’s gonna be perfect for my sofa, and it was $69. (cash register dings) So I also decided that I desperately needed a wall hanging, and I decided to get this one for a few reasons. Number one: this gold part at the top is beautiful, and I think it’s going to look great on my walls.

Also, I love the different textures that this had. So it has that woven fabric, but it also has these kind of tassels at the bottom. It has its shagginess. I think it’s gonna add something really extra special to my walls, and this is $59.

So also for the wall, I decided to get a jewelry hanger-organizer. So I thought that this eye was really pretty. It also has that pretty gold finish that I like. So it is $29, but it’s on sale right now for $24, which is a deal.

So it’s perfect, I’ll be able to hang necklaces, bracelets on it, also if I decide to put it by the front door, I could hang my keys on it so I don’t lose my keys. Yeah, I just love the gold, and I love the little design of it, I think it’s really cute, and it’ll be perfect for my apartment.

So I decided that I couldn’t end this haul without these two planters. So first, I love this guy because it’s gritty. This one was $24, it has this beautiful color. It also has the drain thing at the bottom, so you’ll be able to drain your plants.

It’s also pretty deep. Yeah, it was perfect, like I said, $24. You can’t beat it. And then this guy was $12. (cash register dings) And it doesn’t have a drain, but it’s still a pretty good size, and I’m a sucker for polka-dots.

And these two are gonna look great on my window sill or on the shelf of my bathroom. I really can’t go wrong with these two, and I love them so much. All right, guys, well this is it. So I got everything you can see here for under $500 from Urban Outfitters.

I’m so obsessed with everything. So I hope you liked it, and don’t forget to like and subscribe, leave us a comment down below. What other shopping hauls you wanna see, and we’ll be back with more videos soon, bye!