Welcome to Home Styling 101. I’m Jackie Hernandez, and in this series, I’m going to teach you how to arrange your home décor and home accessories. Let’s get started with the 5 essential types of home décor you need to start styling.

Now, you’re going to find most of these around your house. You’re not going to buy anything new, but I want you to recognize the five different types of accessories that I’m going to be referencing in upcoming videos.

In this video I’ll tell you what they are, I’ll give you examples, and I’ll tell you why they’re important. You can also download the checklist that will have more examples, so you can start looking for these types of accessories around your home.

The first type of home accessory you need for styling is something vertical. This is going to be the tallest item in your arrangements. In most cases, this is going to be a lamp, a tall vase, a candlestick, but you can find some other interesting items too like lanterns, a globe, finials.

This is what is going to give your arrangement height. The second type of home accessory that you need for styling is something horizontal. These items are going to be the horizontal spread of your arrangement, so decorative trays, a stack of books, a stack of decorative boxes.

These are the things that are going to lay flat on your surface. You also need a variety of decorative objects to help break up the horizontal and vertical. This is also where a lot of the personality in your decorating is going to come from.

As you can see here, some of my favorite decorative objects are decorative spheres, animal figurines, and interesting natural elements. The next two types of home accessories are totally optional, but if you use them, they’re going to take your styling up a level.

First is a living element. By living element, I mean plants, flowers, candles. Plants just add a lot of life and movement to any arrangement. You can use faux or real flowers. If you choose faux flowers, just make sure that they look realistic.

Candles are another great living element for any arrangements. You just have to make sure you light them once in a while. The last type of accessory that you need for styling is a layer or a leaner. It sounds like a two for one, but really we’re talking about layering both vertically and horizontally.

Our leaners are the things that we can hang on the wall behind our arrangements or lean on the surface and against the wall, so decorative plaques, framed pictures, canvas art, and anything that you can lean up against the wall.

Our layers are the things that we can use on the horizontal surface, so the most classic example is a rug, which defines a room but also adds color, pattern, and texture. These faux sheepskin rugs are great on the floor but also on an ottoman, under a tray, or in a chair.

Some other layers include trays, which create separation between the surface and the decorative items on the tray, and we have decorative placements, table runners, and tablecloths that can add an extra layer under your decorative arrangements.

Now, for a quick review, the five types of accessories you need for home styling are something vertical, something horizontal, decorative objects, something living, and layers and leaners. Now, remember to download the checklist for more examples of each of these types of accessories, so you can start looking for them around your home and get ready for upcoming styling videos.