Hello friends I am Komal and welcome to my channel today I came with the new DIY wall decor ideas with the help of five easy paintings. No fancy material we require. We require just plain paper brush and some acrylic colours.

first mark the border before we start the actual painting. I used masking tape to make the clean border and follow the steps for paintings. take a rough paper make sure one side of the paper should be blank.

next fold it into the half that means we require five blank paper. Take thin pen refill and the half paper put some glue to the front end and make thin paper tube as per your painting size and cut the tube per panting we require two paper tube so here I made 10 paper tube for all the paintings.

next I am going to paint the tube using gold color. At least put two layers for the dark color. Stick the tube to the lower and upper part of the painting using glue Take any thread. on backside I am putting this thread with the help of cello-tape Here I am taking colored thread which is available to my place you can take anything to hang that Picture.

Do same procedure with the rest of the paintings. and it’s ready to hang. If you can try this DIY then share to me on instagram.follow me on instagram and Facebook to connect with me for such more creative ideas Do you like the video then please press the like button and do consider to subscribe my channel and press the bell icon next to that.

Thank you for watching my video bye-bye. live the dreams.