Helen is trying out some calligraphy lessons she found online. Those elegant strokes do look much easier in theory than in practice. One more coffee sip and… whoops! GREEN paint on a WHITE wall??? Oh no, that’s never coming off! Can we cover it up somehow?? Or do we even have to? Just take some acrylic paint and add more dots.

.. …and more… and MORE! just like that a little calligraphy accident turned into a big texturized masterpiece! So many urgent notes to remember! So little space on the wall… Yikes! And your perfectly good board got broken from that knowledge overload.

.. Such a shame! The frame is pretty much a waste at this point… But we can still do something about that cork! How about take a printout of a simple shape. A unicorn head is a good example! Trace around the cutout with a marker.

Better go with waterproof just in case. Finish the drawing by adding little details. Just not too much. And then cut the whole thing out. Using some acrylic paint, color the cutout just the way you want.

Great thing about acrylics is that once dry they are pretty much waterproof! Try some other shapes like a heart or, obviously, an avocado – Helen’s favorite fruit! Glue it to your wall using double sided tape and use just like you would use any other pin board! It’s stylish and useful at the same time! One, two, three, four.

.. WORK IT! Start with a little step… stretch those arms! Now knees, elbow and squat and… ARGH! Flower pot down… Shucks! Don’t you hate when that happens? Poor little plant… Mama’s gonna fix you right back! We definitely have a spare pot lying around somewhere.

.. See? All good now, little one! The old flower pot is useless… But maybe we can salvage at least this saucer! Take some nail polish of your favorite color and paint a daisy like shape. Follow the pattern all the way to the edges.

Painting the edge of the coaster is a nice finishing touch. But we’re not done yet. Take a second color, preferably a bit darker. And paint over the first layer in single smaller strokes. Once you finish let it dry for an hour or so and you just made yourself a funky little dish for your jewelry! It looks so cute, Helen! Rachel’s birthday party is sadly over.

But there are still some birthday presents left unopened. What’s this bag on the top there? Aww! It’s a gift from Grandma! So sweet! What did you get? It’s a handmade dolly! Aren’t grandmas the best? You should put it somewhere visible, Rachel! Just where.

.. your room decor is all but vintage. Nah… it just blends in with your coffee table… Kitchen counter is better, but still not what we’re looking for… What we need is to take on the meaning of vintage from a fresh perspective! Take your dolly and put it through an embroidery frame.

Make a couple of those in different sizes. It could also be just a piece of lace. Arrange your frames to your liking. And tie them together with some white thread. Use the same thread to tie the frames to a piece of wood.

Last but definitely not least, add some various lace ribbons to the bottom of your art piece. Would you look at that big stylish dreamcatcher! Grandma will be so proud! Rachel has got to watch the new show everyone’s been talking about lately.

But it seems it’s a bit too boring for her liking… Feeling a bit tired, girl? No big deal, those pillows are made for napping! Wakey-wakey! Had a good sleep? It sure looks like it! What a huge makeup stain! Getting it off that pillow will be a nightmare.

Try it some micellar water you have in your makeup bag. Is it any good? Well a little… But that waterproof mascara isn’t going to give up so easily! It’s either professional cleaning services for you.

Or we could think of something to give your pillows extra color. A whole basket of yarn? Let’s see what we can do… To save the dirty pillow case, take a ball of yarn and wrap a thick layer of thread around your fingers.

Don’t make it too tight, remove the thread and tie another smaller piece exactly in the middle. Cut the excess thread off and now cut through all the loops. You should end up having a shaggy pom-pom. Leave it as is or cut it to a nice round shape.

Looks pretty good! Put a little drop of hot glue on one side. And glue it to the stained pillowcase. Make a couple of such pom-poms to cover the whole stain. The final part is our trusty textile marker.

What you draw depends only on your creativity and imagination. Think about what a bunch of pom poms could be! They could be the soft feathers of a flamingo! Or how about an ice cream cone? They’re so simple to make yet they look like making them took a lot of effort.

Fluffy pom-pom pillows are just what this couch needed! What an eye-catcher! Gloves. Safety glasses. Helen’s about to take on a serious DIY project. Cleaning up her old wardrobe! Look at all that useless garbage! Broken footballs.

Even broken boxes or an old skateboard! Although… Hmm… This last item could still come in handy. Even for those of us who only skate in Tony Hawk’s video games. It’s a board made of wood. You see where we’re going with this? Take your old skateboard and unscrew the wheels.

This should be pretty easy to do. Just hold the loose nut in place with a spanner and remove the screw with a screwdriver. Use some WD-40 if you need to loosen it a bit. Pull the screws out and spray-paint the board in your favorite color.

Helen prefers blue. You will need two skateboards for this hack, so be sure to check your friends basements for a pair. Take a thick rope and tie the skateboards together in such a way that you get a nice funky shelf to hang.

Great decor for all the rebellious teenagers or nostalgic grown-ups! Chop chop! Slice slice! What’s it gonna be, Helen? A delicious lasagna? Oh avocado? *laughter* Should have known! You’re really passionate about that tasty fruit! The best lunches are quick and easy to munch! You can’t eat anymore? It’s hard to believe our avocado maniac is too full for that last slice.

You know what we need, Helen? More avocados in your life! How about we make something that will always remind you where your fruity heart is? Take two identical cardboard cutouts in the shape of an avocado.

Wrap one of the templates with thick wool thread. Dark brown or dark green is perfect! Now take the other template and wrap some dark gray or another shade of brown in the middle. Then some light avocado green all over the cutout.

Finally a layer of the same brown shade of wool you use for the first part. Cut the wool on the sides. Be careful and use some sharp scissors. Otherwise it might get messy. The wool layer is now very thick and won’t give in so easily.

Push the two pom-pom pieces together and tie them with the last thread of brown wool. It almost looks like a very hairy green puppy! Cut all the excess wool off to shape a nice round pom-pom. And your fluffy fruit pillow is ready! Helen absolutely adores this little thing! Sweet avocado dreams!~ Hey, Crafty Pandas! I hope you’re enjoying this video as much as Jacob is.

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.. Apparently I spoke too soon! Her boot got soaked in water! How did that even happen? Did you step in a lake or what?? So much for staying dry… It would be a shame to throw them away… Jess, is there any other way you could reuse them? Let’s just hide a small jug of water inside the boots and fill it up with a handful of flowers! Add a playful bow tie and you’ll have yourself a lovely welcoming vase by the door.

Emily starts her day with her favorite comic and a bowl of cereal. Too bad she just ran out of milk… You forgot to buy more, didn’t you? Hmmm, have you noticed it has a lovely bottle shape though? Any chance that we could make a whimsical creation of our own out of it? First remove the label.

Cut out a heart-shaped window and tiny door. You’ll want to use PVA glue and paint it all over the bottle. It will help us to cover the bottle in sand. Take out your hot glue gun and use it to cover the doors with tiny pebble stones.

Do the same with the window and the rest of the bottle. Continue using hot glue to stick various other sizes of pebbles. In addition you want some lichen to fill the gaps and add some greenery to the piece.

Or even go an extra mile with the bird nest and a small figurine. Lastly lay down a bit of moss inside and add a battery base candle. Our birdhouse can be quite flammable and this way will prevent any fire hazards.

Perfect Emily! You nailed it! That’s a really cozy looking nightlight! Alright it’s time to go to sleep! Wow! That looks magical! Well good morning, Jacob, how did you sleep? Ready to grab your daily news? Oh wow it looks like your paperboy is getting better with his throwing skills! So much for customer satisfaction, right? Let’s salvage this baby by placing your broken pot in a saucer.

Then fill in some soil on the unbroken planter side. And secure the remaining broken pieces within the soil together with a couple of small plants. Continue to add marble wooden or rock accessories and or pretty much anything you have laying around.

Ancient toy castle? Why not? Jacob that looks way cooler than the typical planter you would see in a garden! The redesign pot looks like a miniature fairyland! Hopefully no more breaking news! *chuckle* Hey, Crafty Pandas! I hope you enjoyed these home decor ideas! Let us know which of them you’re going to use next in the comments down below.

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