Inspiring bathroom remodel ideas do not always equal with over the top design, expensive supplies or costly makeover. There are some simple, easy, affordable ideas, and plans that you can paste for your bathroom remodeling draft.

Keep in mind that a remodeling work isn’t always about making a dramatic transformation. It is about prioritizing interior decor and room functionality without sacrificing comfort and style. With this understanding, bathroom remodeling won’t give you a serious financial problem in a near future.

More on that later this is 10 Inspiring Bathroom Remodel Ideas Deserve Your Attention by 10.Open Vanity Shelves Have you ever thought about having a new open-style vanity shelf? Conservative homeowners usually opt for enclosed vanity and homeowners outside this group sometime opt the opposite one.

I already cover a DIY link related this idea include required construction process to complete this idea orderly. After finish the job, you’ll have a wider and bigger vanity space for your bathroom necessities.

Not to mention that you can also include some cute and attractive accessories to enrich your bathroom décor on it or under it. If you already have a dream to build or to collect your own vanity shelves like this, but you are clueless about it, re- digest step by step action inside the DIY link, follow referral link inside the post, and YouTube any action that confuses you.

9.Light Switch Disguise You should remember that every little element you bring as part of your interior decor will affect entire outcome and look of your interior. So, when you have a bothersome light switch, you may need to disguise it – or camouflage it, in order making it not so visible.

Here is one of the creative and fun inspiring bathroom remodel ideas – place your switch on the center of your wall hanging accessories. For your guest, your switch will be invisible, as if your bathroom didn’t have any.

Of course, there are still other ideas and options, but you get the idea, right? 8.Sink Repaint Remember, even a smallest change can make a huge difference. When you repaint your sink, you will not only introduce a new color to your bathroom but you will also refresh entire atmosphere and style of your bathroom.

Big or small. Unless you have a chance to repaint whole color of your bathroom, make sure your new wall paint complements with existing color of your bathroom wall. Also make sure you know how to apply your new paint properly to optimize your free time.

7.DIY Bathroom mirror makeover The idea is still related with our previous makeover topic. It cost estimated under $50 and it will give extra security for your mirror and for your skin. The mirror frame DIY requires 2 small plastic washers, 2 screws, Wood, trim, FUZE IT Liquid Nails, and Miter saw or saw with miter block.

If you have to purchase all the supplies, Home depot can give you everything you require. Check description to find detail tutorial and have fun with your new bathroom mirror makeover. 6.Contact Paper for the Countertop If you’re rather low on budget, this idea is perhaps everything your bathroom makeover need this moment.

Main attention of this idea is a Grey Granite Look Marble Effect Contact Paper Film Vinyl Self Adhesive Peel-stick Counter that you can get for under $21 at Amazon store. Other than that, this DIY will call your countertop measurement, X-acto knife, Yard Stick, unused plastic card/credit card, scissor, paint brush and a $49 Rust-Oleum product.

After you collected all these supplies, next thing you should do is basically use the contact paper to seal your old countertop surface area. To get the job done neatly visit 5.Floating Shelves This idea will fix your bathroom visual appeal as well as your bathroom storage needs.

The shelves don’t steal your floor space, so you can have more room to breathe or mobile. It comes with a video tutorial that will ease your pain after you read all measurement shared by shanty-2-Chic.

After you get the job done, you will finally have a room for your mini cactus, mini pots, mini wire baskets, or mason jars. 4.Bathroom Sign When placed and arranged properly, a new bathroom sign can be an attention thief as well as an object to store your precious memories.

This idea requires various product from FolkArt, Wooden Plaque, metal letters, sanding block, hammer and nails. If you follow link I pasted, you’ll find a secret how to give your plain scrap wood a distressed look under an hour or two.

If industrial theme or rustic style sign is not your favorite, you can leave one or two steps shared by cherishedbliss. 3.Faux Stone bathroom wall makeover Adopting natural theme for your bathroom does not mean you have to disturb wildlife natural habitat.

With this idea, you can cheat your guests eye for under $60. The product is available at Lowes and by using this product you help our environment as It contains 80% recycled materials. Product installation process is like a child play.

Apply the adhesive and stick it to your tubs. Is all there’s to it. The bigger the tub, the more fun you’ll get. 2.Unique Toilet Paper Holder and Shelf This is a wicked DIY idea. It’s lit and If you are thinking about having one of this in your bathroom, you should not wait 2018 ends.

Your requirements are, Oil rubbed bronze toilet paper holder scrap wood (1×6 measuring about 10″ in length), Rustoleum Ultimate Wood Care stain, polyurethane, 2 corner brackets and screws and lastly, optional, decorative brackets.

Cutting, staining, and coat sealing are all your scrap wood need before you are allowed to attach paper holder and corner brackets using screws. More detail in description area. Before we get to number 1, I suggest to press subscribe button above comment area if this channel is new to you, this way, you will get a new notification every time I published a new video.

1.DIY Sliding barn Door bathroom cabinet This last DIY will give you access to more space for your mini plants, toilet papers, towels and other necessities. It’s not easy but I already pasted important link that you need.

Shanty-2-chic is kind enough shared you this idea for free include with a free downloadable plan and a video. In her DIY link, she also refers you to a video how to use a Kreg Jig. It’s 2:15 long. It contains techniques she used to turn a DIY drawing plan to a bathroom storage masterpiece like this.

I encourage you. Follow link that I pasted, find a video that I mentioned, and master all shanty-2-chic DIY ideas available in her website. That’s it for now, Before you leave, I welcome you to use comment area if you have anything to say.

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