If you are bored with your kitchen interior design and you want to change it with something different – something old, yet sophisticated – you need to try applying a rustic style into your kitchen.

Even if your kitchen is a mini-sized one, the rustic style will really make your small kitchen more stylish. You can even make your own rustic furniture to build a nest egg. It’s an interesting style to follow and many materials you need can be found around your house right now for free.

Don’t wait any longer and soon change the style of your small kitchen by trying one of these 10 DIY rustic furniture projects. As always, these ideas are compiled for you by Simphome.com 10. A Rustic Kitchen Island furniture idea with Towel Holder The kitchen island is the center of the kitchen where you can prepare meals.

It also provides more counter space to work on. Changing the kitchen island style will bring a new atmosphere into your kitchen. To make your own rustic kitchen island, you will need some well-worn board.

Scrub them with soap, water and brush, then let it dry. Start by choosing three best pieces of woods, cut them into the same size, and arrange them horizontally. Then, place two boards across the three planks and attach using wood screws.

Next, onto the legs, nail down four thick boards on each corner of the table top. For the apron of the table, measure the table sides and cut pieces of wood to the length, and attach them onto the table.

Then, add a bottom shelf on the table. Last step, add a double towel rack on one of the sides of the table. Now you’ve got a rustic kitchen island that provides more storage for pots and pans. 9. Open Kitchen Cabinet Shelving ideas Most of people will use cabinets for wall storage in the kitchen for practical choice, but for some others who don’t want to box in the kitchen and make the space feel smaller, they would try making a furniture piece like this open shelving unit.

Everyone can make these simple shelves. First, attach bottom to top to make L-brackets on the back side using glue and pocket hole screw. Then, clamp brackets to workbench securely. Next, attach shelving to brackets with glue and nails.

Last, stain your project before attaching it to the wall. 8. A Galvanized Pipe Shelving idea The DIY Galvanized Pipe Kitchen Shelves is juxtaposition between metal and wood to create a rustic industrial style.

The materials are lumber, pipes, screws, and wood finish. Modify the design to account your wall outlet but nail the principle symmetry. This pipe shelving idea will balance your wall space, giving you style and much-needed storage.

The fun part of this project is shopping for cute plants and glass containers. 7. Over-the-Kitchen-Sink Pendant Light ideas Another way to kick off the kitchen remodel is by removing the boring plain light above the kitchen sink, and replacing it with DIY pendant-cage lights.

First, Begin the project by creating the wooden lightbox. Make sure the measurement fits your space. Then drill ¼” holes into the wood where you want your pendant lights to be, center in the middle of the wood, and put up the light bulbs.

It’s time to start wiring the lights and put them all together into the box. For this process, you may ask for some help from electricians. Next, install the lights above the sink. Mark where the bolts would go to hold the box to the cabinet and drill holes into the marked spots.

6. A Farmhouse Kitchen Island idea This blue farmhouse kitchen island gives you multiple storage, namely two large cupboards, three shelves, and a large drawer. It is definitely suitable for any small kitchen.

To make this kitchen island, you need to build the frame first. Keep everything square and fit properly, then attach using wood screws. Second, attach the back slats. Take the trims for back side, front side, top side shelf, bottom side shelf, upper most center, bottom most center, and top trim.

Attach all the trims to where they are supposed to be. Then, support the legs by nailing wooden board. Last, Make two island drawer doors and attach the door slats. 5. A Spice Rack from Coca-Cola Crate idea In the kitchen, spices and dried herbs are usually stored in jars.

Even they are labeled properly, it is hard for you to find specific one because they jockey for position inside your cabinets. Alternatively, It is better for you to build rustic and attractive spice rack for yourself, like this one.

It is made from a vintage Coca-Cola crate. Or if you don’t have one, you can find all kinds of cool boxes, trays, and storage pieces at flea markets and antique malls. You can also tweak it a little bit to meet your requirements and make your spice jars fit in with the crates perfectly.

This is absolutely a great way to customize your new kitchen storage solution. 4. An Old Wooden-Pallet Kitchen Table idea For this wooden pallet coffee table, you can use your old plain table by covering it with white cloth, then staple gun it to the table.

First, find wood pallets and lay them on top of the table. Adjust the number of the wood pallets with the size of your table. The space under the pallets is the right size to store bottles and snacks.

Next, make yourself some wooden stools and place them around the kitchen tables. 3. Make a DIY Pot Rack from Scratch With limited floor space, perhaps all you need for your small kitchen is a new pot rack which is secured to the ceiling.

For this idea, you can repurpose an old ladder or crib. But if you don’t have one, you can make it from scratch. All you need are leftover woods, wood plugs, chains, hooks, and fasteners. First, build wood square frame rack for pot hanger.

Then, add you hooks for your pots. Next, secure two wood boards together side by side to form a base. Stain, paint, or finish your wood frame and base however you wish. Make sure you sand it for an even finish.

Then, secure the DIY pot rack to the ceiling above the sink. Ensure that you are screwing into studs. You need to find the studs in your ceiling first and mark them. Attach the base to the ceiling by screwing it into the studs.

Next, secure the frame to the base by attaching the chains to the pot rack. 2. A DIY Pot Rack from an Old Window idea This is another hanging pot rack is extremely easier than the previous one. Its main materials are leftover window frame, S hooks, and chains.

To hang the pots onto the window frame, just use S hooks from the hardware store to hang the window frame from the ceiling, you can find pieces also from the hardware store. Then screw eye hooks into the window and ceiling.

Attach metal bars onto the left and right sides of the pot rack to incorporate additional storage. Last, if you want to keep the age look of your new furniture piece skip painting or staining your old window.

Lastly number 1. A Cup Holder makeover idea No more space left in your cabinets or drawers for your coffee cups? Don’t worry, you can store it horizontally on your kitchen wall with this DIY coffee cup holder.

The main materials are wood pallet and hooks. To start with, decide which fourth of the pallet that looked the best and stable. Mark where you want to cut using a pencil and cut it using saw. Then sand the mini pallet until it smooth.

Then put the hooks onto the pallet by drilling them in. For the last touch, the top board was longer and wider, you can add detail on the top like the word COFFEE or else. So, There is always a way to make your kitchen look more stylish without burning a hole in your pocket.

And these DIY rustic kitchen furniture projects will not only make your life easier but also make your small kitchen look more attractive.