Managing a DIY rustic home décor for small bathroom is possible and doable. In fact, the whole experience can be fun and exciting, as long as you know what you expect from the outcome. The problem with small bathroom is the limited space which can discourage some people to do attractive decoration work.

However, if you are creative enough, there are some possible ways to manage the bathroom layout not to mention that you can include rustic style into the design. This is 5 DIY Rustic Home Décor for a Small and attractive Bathroom by your list maker simphome.

com 5.Mason Jar Makeup Station If you use the bathroom as the place to apply your makeup, you know that it can be challenging to store and place your makeup. With limited space and storage area, your makeup items may likely be scattered around here and there.

No need to worry, though, because this solution isn’t only smart, but also stylish. Use an old board and several mason jars. Attach those jars to the board and then install the board close to the mirror with wall mounted style.

Mason jars are quite ideal as storage containers because of their thickness, quality, and transparency. Want to categorize each jar with different items? You can do it easily! 4.Floating Shelves If you don’t really have a lot of space for storing your bathroom equipments, and yet you have this open and free wall, why not using them? With the floating shelves, you can add up storage space not to mention create an attractive view.

In most cases, The floating shelves projects are easy to complete. Whether you want to paint it or not, it is up to you. Even if you don’t, the natural colors will only enhance the rustic feel. Make use the area around the bathtub because it is usually vacant.

3.Shelved Holder for Toilet Paper Having a toilet paper holder and a display rack may not cross your mind at all, but this isn’t a bad idea after all. If you can manage this DIY rustic home décor for small bathroom idea, not only you will have a unique toilet paper holder, but you can also use the platform to display your items.

It is simple and yet creative. It is also catchy because you are free to use any kind of hook that can hold the toilet paper firmly. 2.Floating Wicker Baskets This idea is almost similar to the floating shelves, but instead of using wooden shelves, this one is using baskets.

You can create a vertical storage area by attaching hooks or nooks for the baskets. Managing it in the vertical line isn’t only good to save up space but it also created nice (and somewhat balanced) visual appeal.

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Thank you for that… 1.Hanging Shelf With this hanging shelf, not only you can add up storage area but you also save up space because you only need to hang it! No need to create another clutter on the floor or such thing alike.

Make sure to use natural elements like wood (any kind), wicker, or others. As long as you are creative, the last DIY rustic home décor for small bathroom idea can be a total fun! that’s it for now if you learn new things from this video, express your feeling using like or share button under this video before you leave.

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