Come along with me as I redecorate my master bedroom. My huge master bedroom transformation is on week 2. If you missed the first video in this four part series, make sure to check it out so you can see the before of my bedroom and see all the inspiration photos I’m working from to get my master looking like a luxury resort hotel room.

If you’re new to artsy cupcake, welcome! I’m maria and I’m a full time graphic designer, but i love hopping onto youtube where i share creative inspiration with you, so we can make life the most creative it can be.

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There are a few other youtubers playing along so i will link the playlist below so you can see their room transformations too. We also are hosting a giveaway on Instagram for a $50 home depot project in case you are wanting to do a little redecorating for your own home.

So check out my instagram artsycupcake1 for all the info and I will link that post about the contest in the description box below. You saw my mood board last week, so today you will see how the shopping is going.

I will take you along to home goods and walmart where i found some good deals. Since i am not changing the furniture and we are basically accessorizing , there is a lot of shopping to be done. so i am going to find the best deals i can and that means shopping around at some of my favorite stores where i always have luck finding home furnishings and other decor items for my diy’s.

so lets start on my little trip to home goods. Is it just me or is your home goods always nuts? The lines are always at least 10-20 minutes to check out and the aisles are crowded. it can be a struggle if you don’t get there right when it opens.

I saw this little white throw rug and thought it might be good for that sitting area by the window. but i wasn’t sure if it fit in with my mood board. since i’m going for that look restoration hardware has going on in all their showrooms, throughout my shopping trip i found i was asking myself that all important question, “what would restoration hardware do?” So in response to this throw rug, i decided although it was cute, it was too glam for the look i’m going for.

then i checked out the wall hangings at home goods. they had some cute stuff. this is not related to the master bedroom, but isn’t this erasable board the cutest? this would be perfect in an office or wherever you have your home base station in your house.

i considered picking it up but i stayed focused on my mission. I was super excited to find this 8 panel frame. for such a large frame with the nice mats for each section, 19 dollars was a great deal. it came in black and white so i picked up a black one for using above the dresser on that empty wall.

i took a look at some of the white and off white bedding and they had some good brands marked down to decent prices for a whole new comforter set but i didn’t end up getting any of those. i have seen these decor suitcases at home goods before but they are usually dinky feeling and this one was really sturdy and heavy and does open for extra storage inside.

it was 29 dollars which was a little more than i wanted to spend but since they didn’t have the cheaper ones, i picked this one up. i thought it may be good on top of that dresser or maybe to fill another empty spot in the room.

the mirrors were more than i wanted to pay at home goods, for the size i was wanting they were around 60 or 80 each. so i moved on to walmart. mirrors are always expensive, especially large ones like the ones i want behind the lamps on either side of the bed.

but i found some simple closet mirrors at walmart and they had a few with some really nice frames on them. i picked these up and they were only $13 each! this was a great find and huge savings compared to the $80 ones at home goods.

the frame may be simple but they are going behind fairly ornate lamps so i think these will work perfectly to bring some light into the room and dress up the walls a bit. walmart also had some good prices of drapery rods, like really good quality solid looking ones.

And then their bedding was awesome too. i have a king bed so even for a large 3 piece king bedding set, it was only $59! i did not pick one up here though because the style wasn’t exactly what i was going for.

michaels had a great sale going on for some of their brands of frames. They also have good coupons on their site, so before i go there i always check their coupons because it seems they always have a 40% off one item.

but these frames i found were 70% off!! that took them from 23 each to 7 dollars each! i got 6 of them for the series i am going to put above the bed. these had a black frame with an off white mat like the 8 panel one i had picked up at home goods.

So here is all the stuff i got in one morning of shopping. i did a little grocery shopping while i was at walmart, so it was a super productive day! all those frames, suitcase, the mirrors and oh i found that black basket at home goods for $16.

it is the magnolia brand from joanna gaines and i thought it would be great to fill any empty corners of the room to hold magazines or blankets. a couple more things i needs are the curtains and bedding.

i did a little online browsing, so here are a few ideas i have for those but i haven’t made my final decision yet. i will link what i can find in the description box below in case you see an idea that might work in your home.

and then some wall hangings from restoration hardware that i will try to recreate on my own because i am not going to pay 575 dollars… yes that is 575 dollars for 1 drawing. In one week, on thursday, video 3 will go up and it will be a sneak peek of how the room is coming along.

Make sure to subscribe if you aren’t already so you don’t miss out on this room master bedroom redecorating journey. thank you so much for watching and i hope you have a very happy day!