i’m guessing things are a bit bright in here but I’m adjusting to this new location hey creative earthlings it’s Mika, okay I know what you’re thinking who is this girl? why am I subscribed to her? ..unsubscribe! but before you go, let me explain maybe I should have explained a couple of videos ago but anyway this channel’s schedule is a little bit off right now just like the thoughts in my head oh, I’ve had a weird June till .

. December period anxiety was not not helping at all it and I have decided to separate ways for now but anyway that’s not what we’re here for today today we’re making a DIY we’re making a deer skull! I kind was expecting for a little bit of a crowd cheering.

. she said as if she wasn’t filming this by herself this DIY is a mixture of the paper mache method and sculpture it is not a quick project i’m not going to lie to you but it’s fairly easy and you can make it with a few very simple supplies is basically costs nothing because these things are huge on pinterest right now and if you’ve done some research you may have seen that they can go for like two hundred dollars but we as a DIY community ain’t going to allow that, we’re making it ourselves for the fraction of the price! first and foremost let’s make the base of the skull, having a picture as a guideline sketch the outline on some cardboard and cut it out then take some wire and make two horns.

!don’t think there’s a specific way of doing this, I definitely did not have anything in mind I was just figuring it out as a went and that’s why there’s no actual footage of this! thorns don’t have to be identical just make sure you have a left and a right then take some newspaper cut it into strips for smaller pieces and wrap it around the wire once you have them old covered glue them on the cardboard and she desided to sit there! what can I do, she’s the queen I have to obbey! mix equal parts of white glue or mod podge, and water in a bowl.

dip the paper in, remove the excess and cover the horns. if you already have a set of horns and you want to copy you can skip the first step and paper mache directly on them, cut it out in half once it’s dry and reattach the two pieces.

for the actual head crumble some newspaper in the shape of the various parts of the face a big oval for the forehead two circles for the eyes and attach them with some tape again having a picture as a guide is very very helpful and as you can see i forgot to glue the horns before so I’m doing it now the bond between them needs to be strong because if you decide to put clay on the horns later they might be too heavy for the cardboard after paper mache the face you can definitely start painting it as it is or add a layer of clay on top now with paper as a base that clay has to be air – dry please don’t put paper in the oven just don’t okay?! we don’t want to create a thick layer, in fact the thiner you can make it better.

work in small batches and use the end of the brush to spread it and eliminate the harsh edges. by spraying a little water on your hands and going over the clay you can achieve a smooth surface it’s okay if you’re left with cricket lines and small lambs bones are supposed to look like that but on the areas where you needed to be a bit smoother you can work the clay in your palm like so before you apply it.

Nakamaki? are you going to help me? are you going to help me so I guess not ok so the right horn was too heavy and to create like a brace for it, i glued a chopstick on the back finally the last step is to paint it that’s where you can get super creative sugar skulls looks super cool just saying however for this one I thought would make a more realistic one so i use black brown and yellow the method is kind of like painting marble pattern meaning you want to create faded lines with the brown and then black lines on top to give it depth.

keep your breath a bit dry that way you can blend the colors better on the clay on the eye sockets specifically you can go nuts with the black because we’re trying to keep the effect of a complete hollow if an anthropologist took a peek at this particular one they would have to say all sorts of things like it has been through some heavy stuff like ran over by a truck, beaten with a clown hammer but it’s okay because it had a happy life but I don’t know they actually say that we can just pretent! finally I thought it’d be cool if I’d dyed black ombre the tips of the horns and of course decorate it with a flower crown! alright so that was it pretty easy like I told you there are things that I would differently now that I know, maybe arrange the newspapers somehow so the face doesn’t look so flat you know the way deer heads are, they have the eyes on the side rather than the front I was kind of going for that but then it’s did it but anyway i’m very happy with me with how it turned out I think it looks pretty cool leave me a comment down below and tell me what would you have done differently where you think I messed up, maybe you have to request or recommendations for future videos what do you want to see on this channel if you are not already make sure you subscribe because i’m not going to tell you why, you know why! if you don’t follow me on social media you should do so because I’m really active on snapchat and Instagram lately snapchat is like that’s the place thank you so much for watching thank you for spending some time with me today and I’ll see you very very soon!